Briton and Boer

English Lancers Charging



"The stubborn resistance of the Boers is shown by the activity and persistency with which they fire the two large field pieces immediately in the foreground. It seems, indeed, a hopeless matter to attempt to capture and overthrow such an invulnerable position. The British lancers are seen advancing, urged on by their officers, with the Royal colors flying in the air. They press the battery of Boers with such vigor that before the position is surrendered, there is scarcely a handful left to retreat, the remainder lying dead and wounded on the battle field. This picture is full of action and very exciting."    (Edison Films,  July 1901) 

Edison 806
n.c.  11/04/1900; Orange Moutains, West Orange, N. J. (Estados Unidos)
 La Habana (Cuba) 24/05/1900; Delamare y BellánLanceros ingleses cargando sobre los Boers
  San José (Costa Rica) 06/11/1903; Delamare y DidierGuerra en el Transvalla [sic]
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