Battle of San Juan Hill


This is one of the greatest war films ever placed on the market. The enemy is seen scouting in the underbrush at the foot of a steep hill. Suddenly our own soldier boys appear under the order 'Forward by rushes,' and gallantly charge up the hill. A struggle takes place, but our boys are victorious and they plant our flag there to stay. The most realistic part of this subject is the explosion of bombs thrown by the enemy in close proximity to a soldier who has fallen, and who is being cared for by the Red Cross staff, who finally carry him on a stretcher. A most exciting picture. (The Phonoscope, 17 de abril de 1899)


1 Edison 652
2 n.c. 
3 enero/febrero 1898 
4 Orange Mountains, West Orange, N. J. (Estados Unidos) 


24/05/1900  Cuba, La Habana  Delamare y Bellán  Toma de la loma de San Juan por los yankees
02/05/1903  Cuba, La Habana  Hervet Batalla de la loma de San Juan