Cock Fight 3



A lively and exciting encounter between two genuine game birds, in which their respective owners are seen in which thier repective owners are seen in the background exchanging bets on the probable finish. When projected upon canvas the birds appear much larger than in life and every feather (including those which are shed in the fray) is distinctly shown .[EDI 04/1897)


1 Edison 276
2 William Heise 
3 21/12/1896
4 USA, New Jersey, West Orange, Black Maria  


27/03/1897 France, Martinique, Saint-Pierre  J. Lapeyre  Combat de coq 


Las peleas de gallos son muy populares a finales del siglo XIX. En el catálogo Edison existe tres versiones anteriores a 1896: Cock Fight 1Cock Fight 2 y Cock Fight 3.