Arrivée du roi à l'Exposition



Arrivée du roi à l'Exposition

LUM 1897-02

Stockholm.-Arrival of the King at the Exhibition

MB 1897

Arrival of King Oscar II at the Stockholm Exhibition 

One of the memorial occasions during the recent Exhibition was the visit of Sweden's much esteemed Ruler. Shows the arrival of the State Carriage, from which King Oscar alights. He ascends the stairs, (leading to entrance of Building( followed by members or the Royal Household.

MB 1898


1 Lumière 537 (AS 1350) ; Maguire & Baucus 1537  
2 Alexandre Promio
Oscar II 
3 15/05/1897 17m 
4 Suède, Stockholm, Djurgarden, Exposition industrielle  


10/10/1897 France, Lyon Cinématographe Lumière  Suède : arrivée du roi dans l'Exposition de Stockholm