Colin-maillard au baquet



Colin-maillard au baquet

Des jeunes gens luttent à qui sautera le plus loin les yeux bandés. Au moment où l'un d'eux va sauter, les autres amènent devant lui un baquet plein d'eau, dans lequel tombe le sauteur.

LUM 1905

A Practical Joke

A group of young men make a wager as to which can jump the farthest blindfolded. While the second person mounts the chair rendly to jump, a tube filled with water is brought in and placed where the jumper is expected to land. He does land squarely into the tub. The bath is not appareciated by the young man, but the joke is hugely enjoyed by the others.

MB 1898


1 Lumière 664 (AS 227) ; Maguire & Baucus 1664  
2 n.c.  
3 [1896]-[27/11/1897] 17m
4 France, Lyon, Monplaisir  


21/11/1897 FranceLyon  Cinématographe Lumière  Colin-maillard au baquet