Cecil M. Hepworth publie son premier catalogue en novembre 1899. En septembre 1900, apparaît pour la première fois le nom "Hepwix Films" (The Era, 8 septembre 1900, p. 28). Les derniers films produits sous ce nom datent de 1904.


001 Express Trains/Express Trains in a Railway Cutting  
002 Hurdle Race and Three-Legged Race  
003 Ladies "Tortoise" Race  
004 Donkey Race  
005 The Prince of Wales at Windsor Agricultural Show  
006 Procession of Prize Cattle  
007 Drive Past of Four-in-Hands  
008 Horse-Jumping Competition  
009 Thames Panorama-Under Chertsey Bridge  
010 Royal Ascot-The Race for the Gold Cup  
011 Royal Ascot-The Race for the New Stakes  
012 Floral Parade of Lady Cyclists  
013 Comic Costume Race for Cyclists  
014 Egg & Spoon Race for Lady Cyclists  
015 Military Cyclists Obstacle Handicap  
016 One Mile Championship Bicycle Race  
017 Musical Ride By Ladies  
018 Musical Ride By Ladies-Wheeling  
019 Victorica Cross Race by Military Cyclists  
020 Cockade Fight on Cycles  
021 Cycle Polo Match  
022 Blackpool-The Parade  
023 Blackpool-Panorama of the Sea-Front  
024 Pleasure Yachts and "Boat-Cars"  
025 Boating Scene at the Sea-Side  
026 Arrival of Train-Load of Visitors at Henley Station Arrivée d'un train à la gare d'Henley
027 Henley Regatta-Grand Challenge Cup Race; An early Heat Régates d'Henley
028 Henley Regatta-Grand Challenge Cup Race; Finat Heat  
029 Henley Regatta-The Crowd After a Race Régates d'Henley
030 Henley Regatta-Diamond Challenge Sculls Race; Finat Heat  
031 Henley Regatta-A Crowded Course  
032 Henley Regatta-Visitors' Challenge Cup Race; Final Heat  
033 Henley Regatta-Thames Challenge Cup Race; Final Heat  
034 Henley Regatta-Ladie's Challenge Plate Race  
035 Thames River Scenery-Panorama of the Crowded River  
036 Thames River Scenery-Wargrave  
037 Thames River Scenery-Shiplake and the "Druid's Cave"  
038 Thames River Scenery-Marsh Lock  
039 Panorama of a Cornish Mining Village  
040 Panorama of a Devonshire River  
041 n.c.  
042 H.M.S. "Camperdown"  
043 Wooden Walls of Old England  
044 Frigates in Harbour  
045 Panorama of Devonport  
046 H.M.S. "Ocean" Preparing for Trial Trips  
047 Training Ship & Saltash Bridge  
048 Panorama of Warships in Dock  
049 View From an Engine Front-Meldon Viaduct, L. & S.W. Railway  
050 View From an Engine Front-Shilla Mill Tunnel  
051 View From an Engine Front-Devonshire Scenery Vue prise de l'avant d'une locomotive
052-054 n.c.  
055 View From an Engine Front-Train Leaving Tunnel  
056 View From an Engine Front-Under Saltash Bridge  
057 View From an Engine Front-Through a Double Tunnel Vue prise de l'avant d'une locomotive
058 n.c.  
059 View From an Engine Front-Over the Tavy Bridge  
060 n.c.  
061 View From an Engine Front-Up Exeter Incline  
062 View From Rear of Train Passing Through a Tunnel  
063 n.c.  
064 Rocks and Rough Sea  
065 Arrival of an Excursion Steamer  
066 Arrival of S.S. "Lady Margaret" at Ilfracombe  
067 Departure of a Streamer  
068 Arrival of S.S. "Westward Ho!" in Harbour  
069 Mud Larks  
070 Macaroni Competition Concours de mangeurs de macaroni
071 Canoe Rescue Race  
072  The Stolen Drink Les Pêcheurs altérés
073 Exchange no Robbery Échange n'est pas vol
074 Two Cockneys in a Canoe Le Canot renversé
075 The Prize Fight-First Round  
076 The Prize Fight-The Knock out  
077 Wrestling Match


078 Thames River Scenery-Under Staines Bridge  
079 Thames River Scenery-Magna Charta Island and Panorama of House Boats  
080-084 n.c.  
085 SS. 'New York' Leaving Southampton Docks  
086 C.I.V.S Marching Aboard SS. 'Garth Castle'  
087-092 n.c.  
093 Animated Cartoon. 'Wiping Something off the Slate'  
094 New 'Trick' Film. 'The Conjuror and the Boer'  
095 n.c.  
096 Royal Procession Entering the City Gates  
097 n.c.  
098 Reception of the Mayor and Corporation  
099 Royal Procession in Fitz-William Place  
100 n.c.  
101 H.M.S. 'Powerful' Arriving in Portsmouth Harbour  
102-103 n.c.  
104 Panorama of the Paris Exhibition  
105 Panorama of the Paris Exhibition nº 2  
106 Panorama of the Paris Exhibition nº 3  
107 n.c.  
108 The Solar Eclipse  
109-110 n.c.  
111 Street Scene in Algiers Vue d'une rue d'Alger
112 Tangier-The Landing Stage  
113 Tangier-The Market Place Marché à Tanger
114 Pillow Fight on the S.Y. 'Argonaut'  
115 Cock Fight on the S.Y. 'Argonaut'  
116 Express Trains at Dawlish  
117 Express Train and Slip Carriage Express laissant un wagon
118-123 n.c.  
124 Breaking Waves  
125 Dover Pier in a Storm  
126 Rough Sea  
127 n.c.  
128 Punter's Mishap  
129 The Gunpowder Plot  
130 Explosion of a Motor Car  
131 n.c.  
132 The Egg-Laying Man  
133-135 n.c.  
136  How It Feels to Be Run Over   
137 The Eccentric Dancer  
138 The Bathers  
139-141 n.c.  
142 Greasy Pole Competition  
143 n.c.  
144 [Walking the Greasy Pole]  
145 [Walking the Greasy Pole]  
146 The Beggar's Deceit L'Estropié agile
147 n.c.  
148 The Burning Stable  
149-150 n.c.  
151 The Topsy-Turvy Villa  
152 C.I.V.S Killing Time on Their Voyage Home  
153 C.I.V.S Playing Leap-Frog  
154 n.c.  
155 C.I.V.S Disembarking at Southampton  
156 Train Load of C.I.V.S Leaving Southampton for London  
157 C.I.V. Procession, The Battery  
158 C.I.V. Procession. Cyclists and Infantry  
159 n.c.  
160 C.I.V. Procession-Second Half of the Battalion  
161 n.c.  
162 C.I.V. Procession-The Sick and Wounded  
163 Express Train  
164 Sword v. Sword  
165 Lemon Cutting Competition  
166 n.c.  
167 Tent Pegging Competition  
168 Galloping Competition  
169-170 n.c.  
171 Fencing-Sword v. Sword, Dismounted  
172 n.c.  
173 Infantry Marching  
174 n.c.  
175 March Past of Mounted Dragoons  
176-177 n.c.  
178 Royal Horse Artillery and Mounted Dragoons Galloping  
179 March Past of the Lancers  
180 n.c.  
181 'Curtain' Picture-Furling Sail on H.M.S. 'St. Vincent'  
182 Sail Drill on a Training Ship  
183 n.c.  
184 Physical Drill-Vaulting Horse  
185 Jack Tar Plays at 'Leap Frog'  
186 Jack on the Parallel Bars  
187 Exercise With the 'Bar-Bells'  
188 On the Horizontal  
189 Physical Drill-Indian Clubs  
190 The Use of 'Italin Sabres'  
191 Sword v. Sword  
192 Bayonet Exercise  
193 Bluejackets Skirmishing  
194 Firing a Maxim Gun  
195 Firing a Nine-Pounder Gun  
196 n.c.  
197 Bluejackets Firing a Breech-Loader  
198 n.c.  
199 'Handy-Men' Firing the 4.7  
200 Marching down an Incline  
201 n.c.  
202 Firing a 9-Pounder Gun from a Moving Torpedo Boeat Destroyer  
203 n.c.  
204 'Curtain' Picture-Unfurling Sail  
205 Musical Drill  
206 n.c.  
207 Company Drill and Firing Exercises  
208 Company Drill at Eastney Barracks  
209 n.c.  
210 March Past of a Field Battery  
211 Raising a Big Gun  
212 Loading a Big Gun  
213 Mounting and Dismounting a 3-Ton Gun  
214-215 n.c.  
216 Manipulating a Huge Gun  
217 A 25-Pounder Siege Gun  
218 n.c.  
219 Firing a Field Gun  
220 Firing Modern Field Guns  
221 Dartmouth Ferry Boat  
222 Razing a Factory Chimney  
223 Trotting Match Concours de trotteurs
224 n.c.  
225 Launch of H.I.J.M.S. 'Mikasa'  
226 General Buller's Return-Arrival at Southampton  
227 General Buller's Return-Reception at Aldershot  


228  Return of Lord Roberts  
230 Queen's Funeral Procession at Cowes   
234 Queen's Funeral Crossing the Solent  
235 Queen's Funeral, The Procession Starting from Victoria Station  
236 Queen's Funeral, The Procession Passing Marble Arch  
237 Queen's Funeral, The Procession Passing into Windsor Park  
240 Royal Procession Passing Along the Mall  
242 Royal Procession Leaving the Horse Guards  
244 Departure for Australia of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York  
247 The Derby of 1901  
250 How the Burglar Tricked the Bobby  
252 The Indian Chief and the Seidlitz Powders  
255 Comic Grimacer  
258 The Great Strike at Grimsby  
258 Arrival of Ophir and Departure by Train From Portsmouth  
260 Leaving Victoria Station  
263 Royal Procession in Grosvenor-Place  
264 Nightmare (comic)  
265 Pie-Eating Competition (comic)  


273 Prince of Wales, Accompanied by the Princess of Wales, Cutting the First Sod of the New Dock at Avonmouth  
275 Visit of the King and Queen to Dartmouth on the Occasion of Laying the Foundation Stone of the New Naval College  
277 Queen Alexandra Launching H.M.S. Queen, and the King Laying the First Plate of the New Battleship
289 The Frustrated Elopement
291 How To Stop a Motor Car


382 The Diamond Robbery/The "Lady" Thief and the Baffled Bobbies  
390 Getting-up Made Easy  
394 State Opening of Parliament nº1  
396 State Opening of Parliament nº2  
397 Clog Dancing  
  The Return of the Right Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, M.P.  
  The Launch of Shamrock III  
407 The Devonshire Hunt/The Stag Hunt  
  The Royal Visit to Scotland  
416 The Devonshire Faire/A Bank Holiday Fair  
419 The Stock Exchange Walk From London to Brighton  
  Football Match, England v. Scotland  
421 Arrival of the King and Queen at Edinburgh  
422 March Past of the Cameron  
423 Scenes at Holyrood Palace  
427 H.R.H. The Prince of Wales and the New L.C.C. Electric Trams  
428 The Absent-Minded Bootblack  
429 A Face at the Window  
430 Alice in Wonderland  
447 Soonek to St. Goarhausen  
450 Sternberg and Liebenstein to Stolzenfels  
453 Coblenz to Leutesdorf  
458 Hamerstein to Linz  
461 Konigswinter to Cologne  
463 Railway Journey up the Drachenfels/Up the Drachenfels by the Cogwheel Railway  
469 Corpus Christi Procession  
471 Naero Valley  
473 Hardanger and Geiranger Fjords and Seven Sisters Waterfall  
476 Panorama of Bergen  
478 Panorama of Molde  
479 The Waterfalls of Lotefos and Espandfos  
484 At Terrific Speed  
485 Start of the Gordon-Bennet Cup Race/The Start  
487 Progress of the Race  
490 A Terrific Race/The Finishing Point  
493 The Arrival at Dover and London  
494 The Review at Aldershot  
497 The Fighting Fifth at Physical Drill  
498 At Brighton Beach/Snap Shots at the Seaside  
500 Bathing and Paddling  
501 Panorama of the River Tyne  
505 A Visit to the Manchester Ship Canal  
507 The Arrival at Kingstown and Dublin  
509 The Levee at Dublin Castle/The Royal Visit to Dublin Castle  
511 Launch of the Battleship King Edward VII  
512 The Revolving Table  
514 the Neglected Lover and the Stile  
515 The Adventures of a Billposter  
517 The Knocker and the Naughty Boys  
518 Fun at the Barber's  
519 The Royal Party at Belfast  
521 Tragical Tale of a Belated Letter  
  Financial Troubles and Attempted Suicide  
525 A Free Ride  
526 A Day With the Hop-Pickers  
531 The Unclean World  
  Uncle Tom's Cabin  
535 Aquatic Sports (1)  
536 Aquatic Sports (2)  
538 Boxing and Wrestling  
540 Vaulting Horse  
541 Fireman to the Rescue  
538 Birthday Procession of a Maharajah  
545 The Unexpected Bath  
548 Arrival of the King and Queen of Italy at Portsmouth  
549 Saturday Shopping  


554 Stop that 'Bus  
  Launch of a Japanese Battleship  
557 An Up-to-date Studio  
559 Animated Photography nº1   
559/562 Panoramas of the River Dart (1)  
561/565 Panoramas of the River Dart (2)  
567 Food for the Japanese Army  
568 Japanese School Children  
570 A Punch and Judy Show in the Far East  
571 Japanese Dancing Girls  
572 A Japanese Laundry  
573 Coaling a Battleship at Nagasaki  
574 A Half-Holiday in a Japanese Factory  
575 A Japanese Procession of State  
576 Chemulpho  
577 Train Panorama-Tientsin  
578 Railway Station at Kioto  
579 Panorama of Hong Kong  
580 Chinese Woman Spinning  
582 Japanese Geisha Girls  
582 Funeral of the Duke of Cambridge  
586 Two Leap-Year Proposals  
588 The Stolen Puppy  
590 The Coster's Wedding  
595 After the 'Oliday  
598 Tug of War  
599 Fire Turn-out  
600 The Funeral of the Heroes of the Submarine Al  
602 The Parson's Cooking Lesson  
604 The Haunted Oak  
606 College Sports  
607 A Lifeboat Procession  
608 Panorama of the City of Bristol  
610 A Rough Time for the Broker  
612 The Great Servant Question  
618 Indian Religious Dance  
619 Washing an Indian Baby  
620 Panorama of Blackpool  
622 The Slavey's Dream  
624 The Honeymoon-First, Second, and Third Class  
626 Picking Strawberries  
629 Decorated Cycles  
630 When the Sleeper Wakes  
631 A Day in the Hay Fields  
635 The Press  
639 Out With the Foxhounds  
640 The Spoilt Child  
642 A Phantom Ride on the Cambrian Coast  
647 The Fighting 5th at Bayonet Exercise  
648 A Cheap Boot Store  
649 The Lover's Crime  
655 The Jonah Man or The Traveller Bewitched  
660 Waterfalls of Wales  
663 The Nigger Boy's Revenge  
665 The Confidence Trick  
668 The Story of a Piece of Slate  
674 Lady Plumpton's Motor Car  
678 A Trip to Paris  
685 Don't Interfere With the Coal-Heavers  
689 The North Sea Outrage  
691 Funeral of the Victims of the North Sea Outrage  
  The Honeymoon  
  A Race for a Kiss  
  Petticoat Lane, the "Bowery" of London  
  Over the Hedge  
  The Lover's Ruse  


  Rescue by Rover