Bluejackets Skirmishing 


Bluejackets Skirmishing

The picture shows a number of bluejackets kneeling in a trench in a long straight line. They load their rifles and fire two rounds in succession. Then their leader rushes forward brandishing his bayonet, and takes up a position much nearer the camera. The men immediately follow and kneel in a line beside him, and fire two or three times straight towards us. Once again they change their position and fire another couple of rounds, and then rush rapidly in two directions across the field of view, and the picture comes to an end. One of the finest naval photographs ever taken.

The Era, London, November 17, 1900, p. 30.


1 Hepwix Films 193   
2 n.c.  
3 ≤ 17/11/1900 75ft 
4 Grande-Bretagne