21250 Sepentine Dance  
21252 Shooting Cog Rallway  
21255 Cheyenne Indians  
21258 State and Madison Sts.  
21261 Horse-Racing Scene  
21265 Kissing Scene  
21268 Passenger Train  
21270 Bicycle Parade  
21272 Watermelon Scene  
21274 Street Scene  
21280 Unveiling of the Logan Monument  
21282 First Regiment Illinois National Guard  
21283 Knights Templars in Logan Day Parad  
21284 State and Madison Streets  
21285 Tally-Ho Party  
21286 Watermelon Scene  
21287 Kissing Scene  
21288 Bicycle Parade  
21289 Flower Carnival  
21290 Overland Flyer  
21291 Freight Train  
21292 Bathing Scene  
21293 Horse Scene  
21294 Stacking Hemp  
21295 Panoramic Scene  
21296 Panoramic Scene  




ANIMALS (See Also Circus)
  An Intelligent Elephant  
  Trained Elephants and Dogs  
  Trained Baby Elephant  
  The Wrestling Elephant  
  Elephant's Bath  
  Bath of Elephants  
  Elephants Shooting the Chutes al Luna Park  
  Capt. Paul Boynton Feeding his Pets  
  "King" and "Queen", The Great HIght Diving Horses  
  Wrestling Donkey  
  Trick Donkey  
  Educated Chimpanzee  
  The Educated Chimpanzee  
  Feeding the Sea Lions  
  Boxing Dogs  
  Orla and his Dogs  
  A Dog Fight  
  "Spike" the Bag-Punching Dog  
  Hurdle Jumping by Trained  
  Stealing a Dinner  
  Dogs and Cat  
  Dog and Rats  
  What Dumb Animals Can Be Taught  
  No Place Like Home  
  The Monkey and the Ice Cream  
  CIRCUS (See Also Animals)  
  Ringling Bros. Circus Parade  
  Arrival of the Circus Train nº 1  
  Arrival of the Circus Train nº 2  
  Panorama of Circus Train Unloading Horses  
  Unloading the Elephants  
  Circus Street Parade  
  Grand Entrance Into the Hippodrome  
  Day at the Circus  
  Feeding the Elephants  
  Camels Eating  
  Feeding the Hippopotamus  
  Panorama of the Menagerie  
  Chariot Race  
  Bareback Riding  
  The Lady High Invisible Wire Walker  
  Japanese Foot Juggler  
  Performing Elephants  
  The Five Acrobats, St. Leons  
  Leaping Tournament Over Elephants  
  Cake Walking Horses  
  Trick Elephants nº 1  
  Trick Elephants nº 2  
  Fire Engines at Work  
  Quick Hitch  
  Life of a Fireman  
  The Alarm and Hitch  
  Start from the House and the Run  
  The Fire. The Leap for Life and the Rescue  
  The Return to Quarters  
  Run of the N. Y. City Fire Department  
  Denver Firemen's Race for Life  
  A Water Duel  
  Napoleon Bonaparte Pathé
  Christopher Columbus Pathé 
  Marie-Antoinette Pathé 
  Joan of Arc Méliès
  Reign of Louis XIV Pathé 
  Scenes at New Orleans Mardi Gras  
  Dewey Parade  
  Governor's Day, St. Louis Dedication Exercises  
  Floreal Parade  
  Army Mules Swimming Ashore, Baiquri, Cuba  
  Pack Mules With Ammunition on the Saitago Trail  
  Shooting Captured Insurgents  
  A Landing Fight  
  Soldiers Firing on Train  
  Wounded Soldieers Embarking in Row Boats  
  The Charge up San Juan Hill  
  Charge of the Rough Riders at El Caney  
  Repulse of Spanish Troops at Santiago by the American Forces  
  Death of Maceo and his Followers  
  Colored Invisibles  
  Under Armed Escort  
  Going to the Firing Line  
  Scaling a Fort at Manila  
  An Historic Feat  
  Capture of the Trenches Candabar  
  What Our Boys Did at Manila  
  The Battle of Mt. Ariat  
  Water Buffalo  
  Going into Action  
  Into the Wilderness  
  Unloading Lighters  
  Initiating a New Recruit  
  Review of Officers  
  Off for the War  
  Marching Scene  
  Life of an Amereican Soldier  
  Charge Through Intervals of Skirmishes  
  Dailty March of Regiment at Camp Thomas  
  Col. Theodore Roosevelt and Officers of his Straff  
  Scaling Walls in Retreat, Whith Wounded and Dying  
  United States  
  Wash Day in Camp  
  Soliers at Play  
  Infantry Charge  
  Battery Charge  
  Teaching Cavalry to Ride  
  Cavalry Riders and Horses Fording a Stream  
  Cavalry Parade  
  Trained Cavalry Horses  
  American Cavalry Charging With Drawn Sabres  
  Troopers Hurdling  
  Cavalry Swimming Columbia River  
  Troop "A", N.G.S.N.-Y  
  Cavalry Crossing a River  
  Fencing on Horseback  
  Standing in Strirrups  
  Cavalry Horses at Play  
  Jumping Hurdles  
  Chasseurs Steeple Jumping  
  Russian Infantry Warsaw  
  Battle of the Yalu nº 1  
  Battle of the Yalu nº 2  
  The Battle of the Yalu nº 3  
  Battle of the Yalu nº 4  
  A Fight on the Yalu  
  The Russian Army in Manchuria  
  Duel Between Russian and Japanese Soldiers  
  Fencing Contest Between Japanese Soldiers Manchuria  
  The Hero of Liao-Yang  
  At Mukden  
  Around Port Arthur (nº 1)  
  Around Port Arthur (nº 2)  
  Yantai Episode  
  Attack on a Hill  
  Retaking a Fort  
  Surrender of Port Arthur  
  Spy's Arrest  
  Spy's Execution  
  Attack on a Fortress  
  Capture of a Gun  
  Defense of a Pagoda  
  Advance Guard's Fight  
  Outpost Skirmishing  
  Defense of Port Arthur  
  Naval Fight  
  Attack on a Train  
  Japanese Warriors in Ancient Battle Scene  
  Mexican Rurales Charge  
  43rd Riffles: Royal Canadian Infantry  
  Capture Boer Battery by British  
  Panorama of the Sultan of Morocco's Troop Forming a Square Awaiting the Arrival of H.M.S.  
  The Deserter Pathé 
  Disappearing Gun  
  Discharging a Torpedo  
  Exploding a Whitehead Torpedo  
  The Flag Ship New York  
  Cruiser "Brooklyn"  
  Battleship "Iowa"  
  Battleship "Texas"  
  Battleship "Massachusetts"  
  Battleship "Indiana"  
  Steam Launch of the Olympia  
  Divers at Work on the Maine  
  Broadsword Drill  
  Sailors Landing Under Fire  
  Sinking a Spanish Torpedo Boat  
  Destruction of the Viscaya  
  The Wreck of the "Viscaya"  
  Naval Reserves Returning From War  
  New York Naval Reserves  
  A German Warship in a Heavy Sea  
  Battleship "Odin"; All Guns Firing  
  Bombardment, Taku Forts by the Allied Fleets  
  Russian Battleship Repulsing Torpedo Attack  
  Spanish Battleship "Viscaya"  
  Firing Gun on Board U.S. Gunboat at "Wheeling"  
  The Dynamite Cruiser Vesuvius  
  Warship in Nagasaki Harbor, Japan  
  Japs Loading and Firing a Six Pounder  
  Japs Loading and Firing a Gun on Battelship "Asama"  
  Battle of Chemulpo Bay  
  The Battleship Odin-Firing all Guns  
  Attack by Torpedo Boats  
  Torpedo Boats in Action  
  Holland Submarine Boat Test  
  Lookout at Port Arthur  
  Japanese Sailors Fencing With Capstan Bars  
  Japanese Wresting of Battleship "Asama"  
  A Cure for "Love Sickness"  
  The Lamp Chimney Loaded  
  The Bad BOy Interrupts the Minister's Wooing  
  An Innocent Victim  
  A Good Shot  
  The "Bad Boy" Tries a Mechanical Experiment  
  The Old Gent and the Nurse in Trouble  
  The Washerwoman's Retreat  
  Poor Old Fido!  
  A Shocking Incident  
  The First Smoke  
  Tommy's Trick on Grandpa  
  A Ringer Joke on his Pa  
  He Puts "A Head on His Pa"  
  Too Cautious  
  Young Apple Thief  
  A Pastry Cook's Jokes  
  Mischievous Willie, or Why Foxy Grandpa  
  Lady Bountiful Visits the Murphys on Wash Day  
  The Wig  
  Love at Fifty-Five  
  Your Will Send Me To Bed, Eh?  
  A Catching Story  
  A Jersey Skeeter  
  Drill Yet Arriers Drill!  
  Who's Got the Red Ear?  
  Hooligan as a Safe Robber  
  Something Good-Negro Kiss  
  When Stocks Went up  
  Lightning Artist  
  How Brieget Served the Salad Undressed  
  The New Typewriter  
  The Arbitrator  
  Trouble With the Milkmaid   
  The Cook Visits the Parlor   
  The Girl at the Window   
  That Poor Insurance Agent   
  A Good Story   
  Toodles and her Strawberry Tart   
  Blessed is the Peacemaker   
  The Insurance Collector   
  The Bull and the Picknickers   
  The Unappreciated Joke   
  The Old Maid's Lament   
  The Easy Chair   
  How the Dutch Beat the Irish   
  Clarence the Cop on the Feed Store Beat   
  The Miller and Chimney Sweep   
  How Mike Got the Soap in his Eyes   
  Cook and Chimney Sweep   
  The Camere Fiend Takes a Family Group   
  Lovers Interrupted   
  Two "Old Sports"  
  Firing the Cook   
  The Wedding  
  Gun License  
  How he Missed the Train  
  A Drop of Ink  
  Soot Versus Suds  
  Down on the Farm  
  Dream of a Rarebit Fiend  
  On a Good Old 5c Trolley Ride  
  Michael Casey and the Steam Roller  
  How Buttons Got Even With the Butler  
  The Professor of the Drama  
  Interrupted Picnic  
  The Tramp and the Dog  
  How Jones Lost his Roll  
  Fun on the Levee  
  What Happened in the Tunnel  
  The Wrath of a Jealous Wife  
  Who Said Watermelon?  
  Lady Plumpton's Motor Car  
  You Can't Lose Your Mother-in-Law  
  Messenger Boy's Mistake  
  Unfortunate Policeman  
  Reuben in the Subway  
  Everybody Works But Father  
  The Bigamist  
  Willie's Vacation  
  The Whole Damm Family and the Damm Dog  
  Off for the Holidays  
  The Widow and the Only Man  
  The Burglar  
  Murphy's Wake  
  Stolen Pig  
  Sure Cure for Indigestion  
  Business Rivalry  
  Electric Doorbell  
  Everybody Works but Mother  
  The Gator and the Pickaninny  
  His Master's Voice  
  His Master's Breath  
  Everybody Works but Father  
  The Serenade  
  Nervy Nat Kisses the Bride  
  A Dog Lost, Strayed or Stolen  
  The Lost Child  
  Meet Me at the Fountain  
  The Escaped Lunatic  
  Substantial Ghost  
  Tramp's Revenge  
  Weary Willie and the Gardener  
  Almost a King  
  Tramps in Clover  
  Love by the Light of the Moon  
  A Dinner Under Difficulties  
  Eccentric Burglary  
  Fat and Lean Wrestling Match  
  Barnum's Trunk  
  The Clown and Automaton Méliès
  The Improved Incurator  
  Twentieth Century Building Méliès
  The Fairy of the Stars Méliès 
  Rajah's Dream Méliès 
  Artist and the Dummy Méliès 
  The Sorcerer, Prince and the Good Fairy  
  Bewitched Dungeon  
  Brahmin and Butterfly  
  Dislocation Extraordinary Méliès 
  Mysterious Café  
  A Midnight Fantasy  
  Twelve in a Barrel  
  Marvellous Egg Producing  
  Twentieth Century Conjuring  
  Devil's Money Bags  
  Human Fly Méliès 
  Marvellous Suspension and Evolution  
  The Impossible Feat of Balancing  
  What Befel the Inventor's Visitor  
  The House of Mystery  
  Haunted Swing  
  Conjuror and 100 Tricks Méliès 
  Miracles of Brahmin Méliès 
  An Impossible Voyage Méliès 
  A Trip to the Moon Méliès 
  Black Magic  
  Flower Fairy  
  Night's Enchanter Pathé
  Inexhautible Cab  
  Amusing Changes  
  A Butterfly's Metamorphosis Pathé
  Stunning Creations Pathé
  The Four Troublesome Heads Méliès
  Whence Does he Come?  
  Love Will Find a Way  
  Hat of Many Surprises  
  A Swelled Head  
  Gigantic Devil  
  Mystified Bather  
  Dog Factory  
  Astronomer's Dream Méliès
  La Chimera  
  Weary Hunters and the Magician  
  The Prince of Darkness or the Drunkard's Delusion  
  Metamorphosis of the King of Spades Pathé
  Animated Cartoon  
  Temptation of St. Anthony  
  A Mysterious Portrait  
  Summoning the Spirits  
  Uncle Tom's Cabin  
  Sleeping Beauty  
  Red Riding Hood Méliès
  William Tell Pathé
  Robinson Crusoe Méliès
  Puss in Boots Pathé
  Hop O' My Thumb Pathé
  The Pantomime of Humpty Dumpty  
  Alibaba and the Forty Thieves Pathé
  Pied Piper of Hamelin  
  Birth of the Pearl'-Living Pictures  
  The Fraudulent Beggar  
  Tragedy in Mid Air Pathé
  American Flag  
  Christmas Morning  
  Santa Claus  
  The Buse Bee  
  Christmas Dream Méliès
  Santos Dumont's Airship  
  The Beggar's Dream  
  Down in the Coal Mines Méliès
  Victims of the Storm  
  The Moonshiners  
  A Kentucky Feud  
  The Train Wreckers  
  Kit Carson  
  Fat Stock Parade, Des Moines, Iowa  
  Wreckers of the Limited Express  
  Life of a New York Policeman  
  Life of an American Policeman  
  Circular Panoramic View of Housing Ice, Groton Ice Fields  
  Out in the Street  
  The Lock-Step  
  Avenging a Crime, or Burned at the Stake  
  The Long and Short of It  
  Bachelor's Paradise  
  The Miser  
  Fat Stock Parade  
  Deadwood Coach  
  Cutting and Canaling Ice, Grotton Ice Fields  
  Western "Bad Man" Shooting up a Saloon  
  The "White Caps"  
  The Gentleman Highwayman  
  Chicken Thieves  
  The Kidnapped Child  
  The Kleptomaniac  
  The Great Train Robbery  
  The Burglar's Slide for Life  
  The Kidnapper-"At Work"  
  The Kidnapper-"In the Den"  
  The Kidnapper-"The Rescue"  
  Who Said Chicken?  
  The Hold-Up of the Leadville Stage  
  The Great Jewel Mystery  
  The Great Train Robbery  
  The Chicken Thief  
  "Raffles"-The Dog  
  The River Pirates  
  The Bold Bank Robbery  
  Capture fo "Yegg" Bank Burglars  
  Watermelon Patch  
  President and Mrs. McKinley  
  President McKinley  
  Pres. Roosevelt, Ex-pres. Cleveland  
  President Roosevelt's Home Coming  
  Theodore Roosevelt  
  President Roosevelt's Fourth of July Oration  
  Bird's-Eye View of Dawson City, on the Yukon River, Alaska  
  First Snow Storm of the Season, Valdez  
  Panorama of Taky Glacier  
  Leaving Skagway for the Golden North  
  Tunnel Scene on the White Pass Route  
  Through Tunnel on the White Pass Route  
  Two Miles of the White Pass & Yukon Railroad  
  Through Miles Canyon on a Cattle Scow  
  Panorama of "Miles Canyon"  
  White Horse Rapids  
  Captain Allard Shooting White Horse Rapids  
  Panorama of White Horse Rapids  
  Steamer "Yukoner" Leaving Dawson  
  Steamer Susie Excursion to Moosehide  
  $35,000 Clean-Up on Eldorado  
  Old Method of Mining, nº 11 Eldorado  
  A Gun Play in the Klondike  
  Winter Sport on Snake River, Nome  
  Summit of Mt. Washington  
  Shooting the Long Sault Rapides  
  South Gate of the Highlands  
  The Pennsylvania Coke Ovens  
  On the Gold Plantation  
  The Dells of Wisconsin  
  A Sweep Across New York  
  Greater New York-N.Y. Harbor  
  Scene in New York Harbor  
  Fifth Avenue, New York  
  Panorama of New York  
  Sky-Scrapers of New York City, From North River  
  25 Stories Up  
  Brooklyn Bridge  
  Across Brooklyn Bridge  
  New York City Ghetto Fish-Market  
  Panoramic, the Ghetto, New York City  
  Panorama of NInth Ave. Elevated R. R.  
  The Eighth Wonder the Flatiron Builing  
  A Windy Day at the Flatiron  
  Around New York in Fifteen Minutes  
  Lower New York  
  New York City in a Blizzard  
  Emigrants Landing at Ellis Island  
  The Haymarket  
  How They Entertain Strangers in New York  
  Looping the Loop at Coney Island  
  Shooting the Chutes  
  A Fatal Attempt to Loop-the-Loop on a Bicycle  
  The Leap Frog Railway  
  Meet Me Down at Luna, Lena  
  Shooting the Chutes  
  Fighting the Flames-Dreamland  
  Niagara Falls-N.Y.  
  Circular Panorama Niagara Falls  
  Panorama Looking Down Niagara From New Suspenion Bridge  
  Horseshoe Falls From American Side  
  American Falls From Canadian Side  
  American Falls From Luna Island  
  Rapids Above American Falls From Bridge to Goat Island  
  Great George R. R. Niagara  
  Whirlpool Rapids  
  Horsehoe Falls, From Canadian Side  
  Rapids Above American Falls From American Side  
  Whirpool Rapides  
  Lower Rapids of Niagara Falls  
  Niagara Fallas in Winter  
  Panorama, Horseshoe Falls in Winter  
  Sliding Down Ice Mounds, Niagara Falls  
  The Royal Gorge (Panoramic)  
  Pike's Peak Toboggan Slide  
  Arrival on Summit of Pike's Peak  
  Panorama of Cog Railway  
  Lava Slides in Red Rock Canyon  
  Fun in the Glenwood Springs  
  Panorama of Ute Pass  
  Hydraulic Giants at Work  
  Falls of Minnehaha  
  The Deadwood Coach  
  Arrival of Tourists at the Hotel, Yellowstone Park  
  On Yellowstrone Lake  
  Snoqualmie Falls  
  Felling and Shipping Hugetrees  
  Burning Waster Timber at Port Blakley  
  Log rolling Contest  
  Hidraulic Mining in Oregon  
  The Paradise of Roses  
  Fourth and Market Streets, San Francisco  
  In the Yellowstone  
  Coaching Party in the Yosemite  
  The Golden Gate  
  Wawona Big Tree  
  Ostrich Farm Pasadena, Cal.  
  Ostriches Feeding  
  Ostriches Running  
  Trip Around the Union Loop  
  View of State Street  
  State and Madison Streets, Chicago  
  CornerStone Laying  
  They're off  
  Entrance to Union Stock Yards  
  Panoramic View of Atlantic City Beach  
  Bathing at Atlantic City  
  Atlantic City Life Rescue  
  Baby Show-Atlantic City  
  Life Rescue at Atlantic City  
  Surf Scene  
  A Heavy Surf at Atlantic City  
  The Beach at Atlantic City  
  A Cake Walk on the Beach  
  Beach Scene-Coney Island  
  Snap the Whip-Rockaway Beach  
  "Leapfrog" on the Beach-Far Rockaway, N.Y.  
  At Brighton Beach  
  the Adventure of Sandy McGregor  
  BATHING (See also Seaside)
  Bathers With High Diving  
  Bathing Scene nº 2  
  Fantastic Diver  
  A Hot time on the Bathing Beach  
  Reversing Bathers  
  Midwinter Bathing  
  Diving Through Paper Screens-Bath Beach, L.I.  
  Down the Slide  
  Fancy Diving  
  Overland Flyer  
  The Pioneer Limited  
  Pennsylvania Limited  
  Pioneer Limited  
  Arrival and Departure of Train  
  The Rocky Mountains Limited  
  The California Limited of the Santa Fe Route  
  Pioneer Limited  
  Arrival of Train at Gardner  
  Panoramic View of Switch Back Railroad, Mauch Chunk  
  Climbing Jacob's Ladder  
  Snow-Plow Bucking a 15-Foot Snow Slide  
  Bucking the Blizzard  
  An Ocean Flyer-N.Y. Lower Harbor  
  S.S. "Deutchland" Leaving Her Dock, Hoboken, N.J.  
  The Summer Exodus  
  Pilot Leaving S. S. "Prinzessin Victoria Luise" Sandy Hook, N.J.  
  A Heavy Sea  
  Japanese Geisha Girls nº 1  
  Japanese Geisha Girls nº 2  
  Japanese Funeral  
  Fencing Contest Between Japanese Soldiers Machuria  
  Asakusa Temple  
  Japanese R.R. Station Scene, Kanagarva, Japan  
  Coaling a Steamer-Nagasaki, Japan  
  Japanese Fencing-Kioto, Japan  
  Market Scene, City of Mexico  
  Wharf Scene and Natives Swimming, St. Thomas, D.W.I.  
  Native Women at Work, Fort de France  
  Native Bull Cart, Morne Rouge  
  A Moorish Street Minstrel Performing at Morocco City  
  Fall River Boat "Priscilla"-Long Island Sound  
  Storm at Sea  
  Good-Bye, or Over the Rail-Hoboken, N.J.  
  King Edward and the Royal Procession  
  King Edward in the Chariot of State  
  The King Planting a Tree at the Royal Agricultural Society's Show Yard  
  Meeting of Sovereigns  
  Over London Bridge  
  Coronation of Queen Wilhelmina of Holland-Hague, Holland  
  Reception of Prince Louis of Battenberg by The American Fleet in New York Harbor  
  Hon. Wilfred Laurier  
  Panoramic Bird's Eye View of Montreal, Canada  
  Logging in Canada  
  Panoramic View, Kicking Horse Canon  
  Quebec Fire Department on Sleds  
  Coal Carriers, Chefoo, China  
  Arrival of Tongkin Train-Tien-Tsein, China  
  Scene, Legation Street, Shanghai  
  Meddy Street, Tien-Tsin, China  
  After the Siege, Tien-Tsin, Native City, China  
  Chinese Silk Mill  
  Street Scene, Pekin  
  Camel Caravan, Pekin  
  A Chinese Market-Pekin, China  
  The Forbidden City-Pekin, China  
  On the Pei-Ho-China  
  Street in Shanghai-Shanghai, China  
  Funeral of Lung Fei Dong, the Chinese Mason  
  At the Grave of Lung Fei Dong  
  Attack on Chinese Mission  
  Beheading the Chinese Prisoner  
  Beheading Chinese  
  Chinese Massacreing Christians  
  In the Pillory  
  Panorama, R.R. Station, Seoul, Korea, From Departing Train  
  Streets in Cairo, Egypt  
  From Cairo to the Pyramids  
  Boats on the Nile  
  Fording River Nile on Donkeys  
  Egyptian Boys in Swimming Race  
  Street Scene in Hyderabad  
  Camel Race on the Desert  
  Royal Exchange, London, England  
  Piccadilly Circus, London, England  
  Petticoat Lane, The "Bowery" of London  
  The Rocket Coach-England  
  Sea Gulls at Newlyn, Cornwall, England  
  Seagulls Following Fishing Boats  
  Arrival and Release of 40,000 Carrying Pigeons at Ambergate, England  
  In an English Hayfield  
  A Drove of Wild Welsh Moutain Ponies  
  Scenes on a Welsh Pony Farm  
  Panoramic View, Streets of Paris, France  
  Easter Flower Parade, Bois de Bologne, Paris  
  Paris From the Seine  
  Big Fountains at Versaillas  
  From Monte Carlo to Monaco  
  Rhinefalls at Schaffhausen  
  Cutting Sugar Cane-Honolulu, H.I.  
  Patrick Street, Cork  
  A Coach Drive From Glenariffe to Kenmare  
  Market Street at Kenmare  
  Coaching Through the Tunnel on the Kenmare Road  
  A Trip Through the Gap of Dunloe  
  A Rough Sea on the Derry Coast  
  Dunloe Women  
  Shooting the Rapids at Killarney  
  The Mono-Railway Between Listowel and Ballyfunion  
  Scenes of Irish Cottage Life  
  Scene in an Irish Market Place  
  Potter at Work (Cork Exhibition)  
  Getting the Hay  
  Milking time. A Kerry Herd  
  At Work in a Peat Bog  
  Irish Peasants Bringing Their Milk to a Co-Operative Creamery  
  A Day at Brighton  
  The Poachers  
  Dunloe Women  
  Shooting the Rapids  
  Blarney Castle and Stone  
  Coaching in Ireland  
  Mono Railway Between Listowel and Ballybunion, Ireland  
  On Horseback Killarney  
  Panorama of the Lakes of Killarney From Hotel  
  Tourists Leaving the Lake Hotel, Killarney  
  Shooting Rapids, Killarney, Ireland  
  The River Shannon  
  Coaches Starting From Larne and Passing Through Tunnel on the Antrim Coast Road  
  The Delhi "Durbar" in India  
  A Gorgeous Pageant of Princes  
  Review of Native Chiefs at the Durbar  
  Review of the Chiefs at the Durbar  
  The Wise Elephants-India  
  Elephants at Work in India  
  The Delhi Camp Railway  
  At the Ford-India  
  Galloping Tongas-India  
  Temple of the Sun  
  Trip Through Italy  
  Glimpses of Venice  
  Feeding Pigeons in Streets of Venice  
  Feeding Pigeons in Front of St. Mark's Cathedral, Venice, Italy  
  Eating Macaroni, Streets of Naples, Italy  
  Panorama, Tivoli, Italy, Showing Seven Falls  
  Moonlight, Lake Maggiore, Italy  
  Rome and the Vatican  
  Election of Pope Pius X  
  A Japanese Railway Train-Kioto, Japan  
  A Rickshaw Parade  
  Harbor of Kobe, Kotie-Japan  
  Sampans Racing  
  Nihombashi St.-Tokio, Japan  
  Ox Carts-Japan  
  Japanese Flag Dance  
  Japanese Fan Dance  
  Japanese Tea House  
  A Convoy of Oxen in Australia  
  Japanese Yuma Dance  
  Eight Japanese Dancing Girls  
  Geisha Girls  
  Hu-Ki-Si, Japanese Dancer  
  Is Ka Trio  
  Black and White Hair Dance  
  Four Hong Kong Sisters  
  Japanese Bowery  
  Street Scene, Tokio  
  Japanese Dancing Hall  
  Fu Tschi Dancers  
  Japanese Sword Fight  
  Park in Barcelona Pathé
  Chutes of IMaha, Finland  
  Head Hunters of Borneo  
  A Ferry in the Far East  
  A Convoy of Oxen in Australia  
  Llamas of Thibet  
  Norwegian Water Falls, Rising Panorama  
  The Midnight sun at Scaro  
  Laplanders at Home  
  Laplanders and Reindeer  
  From Christiania to North Cape  
  Market Place-Manila  
  Bridge of Spain-Manila  
  Bridge Traffic and Native Carts  
  Coolies at Work  
  Fillipino War Dance  
  Igorotti Savages-St. Louis Exposition  
  Russian Kirgis Troops  
  Russian Field Artillery  
  Russian Mounted Artillery  
  Russian Anti-Semitic Atrocities Pathé
  Assassination of the Grand Duke Sergius Pathé
  Riot in St Petersburg Pathé 
  Revolution in Odessa Pathé 
  The Nihilists  Pathé 
  Fashionable Driving, Palace Quay. St. Petersburg   
  A Trip to the Giant's Causeway  
  The Falls of the Clyde   
  The Highland Fling, by the Gordon Highlanders   
  Panorama of Alpine Peaks  
  Grand Panorama From the Summit of the Schreck-Horn   
  Ascending a Rock Chimney on the Grandes Charmoz, 11,283 Feet High  
  Ascent and Descent of the Aiguilles des Grandes Charmoz  
  Ascent of Mont Blanc  
  Ascent of Mont Blanc  
  Ascent of Mont Blanc  
  A Trip Across the Alps  
  Engadin in Switzerland; at Moonlight  
  Coasting in the Alps  
  Panoramic Views of the Alps Switzerland  
  Panorama, Descending Mt. Blanc  
  Ascending Mount Pilatus (Switzerland)  
  Samoan Child Dance  
  Canoe Race  
  Fijian Bayonet Drill  
  Maori Dance, New Zealand  
  Samoan Dance  
  Fijian Fire Walk or Fire Dance  
  Ceremonial Procession and Food Offering  
  Fijian Wardance or Meke  
  Solomon Island Dance  
  Diving Scene by 35 Samoan Boys at Apia  
  Surf Scene Fiji  
  Waterfall, Samoa  
  Hawaiian Dance  
  Hawaiian Dance nº 2  
  A Trip Through Samoa and the Fiji Islands  
  Street Cleaning in Porto Rico  
  Mt. Pelee Smoking Before Eruption (IMITATION)  
  Eruption of Mt. Pelee and Destruction fo St. Pierre (IMITATION)  
  Native Women Coaling a Ship, St. Thomas, D.W.I.  
  Butterfly Dance  
  Serpentine Dance  
  Serpentine Dance  
  Fire Dance  
  Arabian Jewish Dance  
  Black Serpentine  
  German Dance  
  Birth of a Fairy  
  Butterfly Dance  
  Cake Walk  
  Blackville After Dark  
  Tough Dance  
  Ruffian's Dance  
  Tunisian Dance  
  Loie Fullet  
  Quadrille of the Moulin Rouge of Paris  
  Spanish Ballet  
  The Famous Cake Walk  
  An Arabian Jewish Dance  
  West Indian Girls in Native Dance  
  Polo Match for the Championship at Hurlingham  
  Herding Polo Ponies and Polo Game  
  Race Track Scene  
  Champion High Jumpers  
  Hurdle Jumping  
  Hedge Jumping  
  Horses Jumping Together  
  Modern High-School Riding  
  Fancy Diving-N.Y. City  
  Canoe Fight  
  Fox and Rabbits  
  Boar Hunt  
  Deer Hunting in England  
  College Sports in England  
  Devonshire Hunt  
  Fox Hunt  
  Going to the Hunt  
  Following the Hounds  
  Meadowbrook Hunt  
  High Hurdle Jumping, at Meadowbrook Hunt Club  
  Shooting Craps  
  Bucking Broncho Contest  
  Down the Slide  
  Push Ball  
  Running of the Brooklyn Handicap  
  A Moose Hunt in New Brunswick  
  Deer Stalking With a Camera  
  Quail Shooting at Pinehurst, N.C.  
  Wild Turkey Shooting in Virginia  
  Great Buffalo Chase  
  Lucille Mulhall Roping and Tying a Steer  
  Norway Ski Jumping Contests  

Skiing, Montreal, Canada

  Ski Jumping Competition  
  Skiing, Quebec, Canada  
  Run of a Snow Shoe Club-Quebec, Can.  
  Cross-Country Running of Snow Shoes  
  "Bouncing"-Quebec, Can.  
  Tobogganing, Montreal, Canada  
  Hockey Match on the Ice, Montreal, Canada  
  Sleighing Party and Tobogganing  
  International Winter Sports  
  Doc Sleighing  
  Ice Yacht Racing  
  Ice Yachting  
  Ice Boat Racing, Red Bank, N.J.  
  Skating in Central Park  
  Winter Sports on the Lake  
  A Brush in the Snow  
  Codfishing With Trawl  
  Spearing Salmon  
  Leaping Trout  
  Spearing Salmon in the Rivers of the Northwest Territory  
  Trout Fishing. Landing Three Pounder  
  Drawing a Lobster Pot  
  Shad Fishing  
  High-Sea Fishing  
  Herring Fishing in the North Sea  
  Salmon Fishing in New Brunswick  
  Trout Fishing at the Rangeley Lakes  
  The Great International Automobile Race for the Vanderbilt Cup  
  Automobile Parade  
  Trials and Troubles of an Automobile  
  A Saturday Afternoon With the New York Arthletic Club at Traver's Island  
  The Yale Crew-New Haven, Conn.  
  Yale-Princeton Football Game  
  Pole Vaulting at Columbia University  
  Throwing the Sixteen-Pound Hammer  
  French Boxers  
  Bag Punching by Sadie Leonard  
  Wrestler and Bull  
  Gans-McGovern Prize Fight  
  Jeffries Exercising in His Gymnasium  
  First Round, Glove Contest Between the Leonards  
  Second Round; Glove Contest Between the Leonards  
  Gans-McGovern Fight  
  Corbett-McGovern Fight  
  The Jeffries-Sharkey Fight  
  Bull Fights  
  Bull Fight With the Matadores Senor Don Luis A Mazzantini and Bomaita  
  A Lively Cock Fight  
  A Cock Fight  
  A Lively Cock Fight  
  Burlesque Cock Fight  
  Indian Fire Dance  
  Moqui Indian Rain Dance  
  Rain Dance at Orabi  
  Indian Hideous Dance  
  Crow Indian War Dance  
  Crow Indian Fertival Dance  
  Shoshone Indians in Scalp Dance  
  Ute Indian Snake Dance  
  The Pioneers  
  Stage Hold-Up  
  Navajo Indian Tug-of-War  
  Indian Horsemanship  
  Navajo Indian Foot Race  
  Navajo Indians Wrestling  
  Indian Parade  
  Navajo Squaw Weaving Blanket  
  Indian Boys, Albuquerque School  
  Crow Indians Harvesting  
  Girl's Department, Albuquerque School  
  Corn Harvesting  
  Husking Corn  
  Alligator Farm  
  Panoramic Views Pigeon Farms, Los Angeles, California  
  Eggs Hatching  
  Two Hours After Hatching  
  The Girls in Overalls  
  Plowing. The Modern Way  
  Harvesting Scene  
  The Harvesters  
  Roping and Branding Wild Horses  
  Fun on the Farm  
  The Puppies and the Little Teaser  
  Children Feeding Ducklings  
  An Impartial Lover  
  Baby's Day  
  Hey Ding Diddle  
  Young America Celebrating Dewey's Return  
  Babies and Puppies  
  Babes and Kittens  
  A Baby Merry-go-Round  
  The Sand Baby  
  The Babies' Quarrel  
  The Holy City  
  Films of the Passion Play, or Life of Christ  
  Wonderful Draught of Fishes  
  Leaving Jerusalem  
  The Life of Moses  
  Rock of Ages  
  Belthaza's Festival  
  Christian Martyrs Pathé
  Joseph Sold by His Brothers Pathé
  Daniel in the Lion's Den  
  The Prodigal Son  
  Ancient Gladiator  
  The Sign of the Cross  
  Jerusalem's Busiest Street  
  Christian Endeavor Greeting  
  Martyrs of the Inquisition Pathé
  Ten Nights in a Barroom  
  Ten Nights in a Barrom nº 1-The Fatal Blow  
  Ten Nights in a Barrom nº 2-The Murder of Willie   
  Ten Nights in a Barrom nº 3-Vision of Mary  
  Ten Nights in a Barrom nº 4-Death of Little Mary  
  Ten Nights in a Barrom nº 5-Death of Slade  
  Alcohol and Its Victims Pathé
  Cards and Crime  
  Such a Headache  
  The Life of a Gamester Pathé
  Carry Nation, Saloon Smasher