Biograph Photo Catalog, Vol. 1, No.'s 1-499 [AMB 1898-1905-01]

0001 Sparring Contest at Canastota  
0001 E Queen's Jubilee  
0002 Sparring Contest at Canastota  
0002 E Queen's Jubilee  
0003 Sparring Contest at Canastota  
0003 E The Horse Guards  
0004 Sparring Contest at Canastota  
0004 E Sir Wilfred Laurier and the New South Wales Lancers  
0005 n.c.  
0006 Engine and Pump/Demonstrating the Action of a Steam Engine and Pump  
0007 Union Square  
0008 Union Square  
0009 Skirt Dance by Annabelle/Butterfly Dance  
0010 Tabourine Dance by Annabelle  
0011 Sawing Wood  
0012 Sandow  
0013 Sandow  
0014 Skirt Dance by Annabelle  
0015 The Bicycle Parade on the Boulevard/On the Boulevard  
0016 The Bicycle Parade on the Boulevard/On the Boulevard  
0016 E The Henley Regatta  
0017 Shooting the Chutes at Atlantic City   
0018  The Sea Scene   
0019 n.c.   
0020 Boys Bathing at Atlantic City   
0020 E Mr. C. N. Morton  
0021 Atlantic City Bathers   
0022 Panoramic View from Trolley; Atlantic City   
0022 E The Clarence House Lawn Party  
0023 Fire Engine at Work  
0023 E Finish of the English Derby of 1897  
0024 Panoramic View from Trolley; Atlantic City   
0024 E Arrival of His Majesty, King Edward VII  
0025 Train Leaving Station, Philadelphia   
0026 Penn. R.R. at New Brunswick, N.J.  
0026 E A Race for the Gold Cup  
0027 Penn R.R. near Philadelphia  
0027 E His Majesty, King Edward VII  
0028 Penn R.R. near Haddonsfield   
0028 E The Colfstream Guards  
0029 Penn R.R. Cliffs   
0029 E Gordon Highlanders  
0030 Bathers and Life-Boat, Atlantic City   
0030 E His Majesty, King Edward VII  
0030 E Aldershot Review  
0031 Bathers at Atlantic City  
0032 Monkies' Feast  
0033 Getting off Trolley. Atlantic City  
0034 Busses Leaving Depot. Atlantic City  
0035 Flag Dance by Annabelle/A Flag Dance  
0035 E Relieving the Guard at St. James Palace  
0036 Trilby and Little Billee  
0037 Sandow  
0038 Sandow  
0038 E Maxim Firing Field Gun  
0039 A Hard Wash  
0040 A Watermelon Feast  
0040 E A Maxim gun in Action  
0041 Dancing Darkies  
0042 Wrestling Pony  
0043 Wresting Ponies  
0044 Stable on Fire  
0045 Rip's Toast  
0046 Rip Meeting the Dwarf  
0047 Exit of Rip and Dwarf   
0048 Rip Passing over the Moutain  
0049 Rip's Toast to Hudson  
0050 Rip's 20 Years Sleep  
0050 E Emperor Francis Joseph of Austria  
0051 Awakening of Rip  
0051 E Emperor William of Germany, and Emperor Franz Josef of Austria  
0052 Rip Leaving Sleepy Hollow  
0052 E Meeting of Emperor William of Germany and Emperor Franz Josef of Austria  
0053 Li Hung Chang   
0054 Li Hung Chang   
0055 Li Hung Chang at Grants Tomb   
0056 West Point Cadet Cavalry   
0057 West Point Cadet Cavalry  
0057 E Austrian Mounted Police  
0058 West Point Cadet Drill   
0059 West Point Cadet Drill   
0060 Canadian Falls. Table Rock   
0061 Canadian Falls. Table Rock   
0062 Niagara Falls from Michigan Central R.R.   
0063 Niagara Falls. Luna Island  
0063 E A Children's Carnival in Germany  
0064 American Falls. Goat Island   
0065 Canadian Falls from American Side   
0065 E Charge of Hungarian Hussars  
0066 Niagara Gorge from Erie R.R.   
0067 Lower Rapids. Niagara Falls   
0067 E Place de la Concorde  
0068 Looking Down Gorge. Niagara Fallas   
0069 Panoramic View from Trolley in Gorge   
0070 Upper Rapids from Bridge. Niagara Falls/Upper Rapids, as seen from Bridge  
0071 Panorama of American and Canadian Falls   
0072 McKinley at Home. Canton. Ohio /President McKinley  
0073 Parade. American Club of Canton.Ohio/The Americus Club  
0073 E Hungarian Women Plucking Geese  
0074 Parade. Canton. Ohio/President McKinley's First Campaign  
0075 Parade. Canton. Ohio: Elkin's Cadets/Elkins Cadets  
0075 E Home Life of a Hungarian Family  
0076 Parade. Canton. Ohio: Sound Money Club/A Sound Money Club   
0076 E French Soldiers in a Wall-Climbing Drill  
0077 Empire State Express   
0078 n.c.   
0079 n.c.   
0079 E Place de l'Opera  
0080 Train Taking Water N.Y.C.R.R.   
0081 Empire State Express  
0081 E French Cuirassieurs Charging a Field Battery  
0082 Parade, First Brigade  
0082 E Trafalgar Square  
0083 United States Flag  
0083 E Charge of the French Cuirassieurs  
0084 Imro Fox. Conjurer  
0085 Imro Fox. Rabbbit Trick  
0086 Imro Fox. Human Hen Trick/The Human Hen  
0087 New York Fire Department  
0087 E A Camp of Zingari Gypsies  
0088 New York Fire Department  
0089 The Sound Money Parade  
0090 Sound Money Parade  
0091 Fire Department run. New Haven. Con.  
0091 E Bayonet versus Bayonet  
0092 Winchester Arms Factory at Noon  
0092 E Gymnastic Exercises in the British Army  
0093 An Arrest  
0093 E A Regimental Calisthenic Drill in the British Army  
0094 Yale Football Team/Football, Yale  
0094 E The Alarm (Gordon Highlanders)  
0095 Yale Football Team/Football, Yale  
0095 E Gordon Highlanders Marching into Camp  
0096 Yale Football Team/Football, Yale  
0096 E The Highland Fling, by the Gordon Highlanders  
0097 Football, Yale  
0098 United States Flag  
0099 A Happy Family/Amusing the Children  
0100 Limited Express. Penn. R.R./The Pennsylvania Limited Express  
0101 The Drunken Acrobat  
0102 Board Walk. Atlantic  
0103 Aquarium  
0104 Pussy's Bath  
0105 Street Scene. New York City  
0106 Snow Men  
0107 The Prodigal's Return, 3 A.M.  
0107 E Conway Castle  
0108 Why Papa Cannot Sleep  
0108 E A Terrible Spill  
0109 Sack Race  
0110 Ye Merry Sleigh Bells  
0111 New England Church Scene  
0112 Boys will be Boys  
0112 E The "Jennie Deans"  
0113 Street Scene, New York City  
0114 Smoking, Eating and Drinking  
0115 Children Playing with Fish  
0116 Marching Through the Sallyport  
0117 In Heavy Marching Order, 13th Infantry, USA  
0117 E A Tug in a Heavy Sea  
0118 Countermarching. 13th Infantry USA/Marching and Countere Marching  
0118 E Three Men in a Boat  
0119 Full Dress Parade: 13th Infantry, USA  
0120 Full Dress Parade: 13th Infantry, USA  
0121 Musical Drill, 13th Infantry, USA  
0122 A Blanket Court-martial  
0123 Scaling Wall in Retreat/Scaling Walls in Retreat  
0124 Scaling Wall with Wounded/Scaling Walls, in Retreat, with Wounded and Dying  
0125 Manual of Arms, 13th Infantry, USA  
0126 Bayonet Exercise; 13th Infantry, USA  
0127 An Outward Bound Vessel/An Outward Vessel  
0128 Scene in New York Harbor  
0129 Rolla O'Heikes/Rollo Heikes  
0130 Ten inch Disappearing Gun. Sandy Hook/Disappearing Gun  
0130 E "Away Aloft"  
0131 Projectile Striking Water, Sandy Hook  
0132 Sausage Machine  
0133 Sausage Machine  
0134 The Pretty Typewriter  
0135 The Oration  
0136 Little Egypt  
0137 Sausage Machine  
0138 Waiting for Hubby  
0139 Waiting for Hubby  
0140 Little Egypt  
0141 Little Egypt  
0142 Seventy-first Regiment N.G.S.N.Y.  
0143 Troop "A" of Cleveland, O.  
0143 E Idle Hours of the English Coast Guards  
0144 President McKinley/President Cleveland and President McKinley  
0144 E Me and My Two Friends  
0145 Review of Artillery  
0145 E Water Polo  
0146 A Part of Inaugural Parade, Washington  
0147 The Governor of Ohio, and Staff/Governor Bushnell of Ohio, and Staff  
0148 Bicyclers in Inaugural Parade  
0148 E Worthing Life-Saving Station  
0149 Troop "A" in Inaugural Parade  
0150 McKinley and Others in Carriage  
0151 McKinley Train, Penn. R.R.  
0152 McKinley Train, Penn. R.R.  
0153 Keystone Express  
0154 Love's Young Dream  
0155 A Bowery Cafe  
0156 The Bungling Water  
0157 His First Smoke  
0158 A Pillow Fight Kinora 57 
0159 The Theatre Hat  
0160 The Miser  
0161 A Good Story  
0162 Young Doctor/Playing Doctor  
0163 Prize Fight, Downey vs Monahan/Downey-Monaghan (Rounb 1)  
0164 Prize Fight, Downey vs Monahan/Downey vs. Monaghan  
0165 Parisienne Girls/Les Parisiennes  
0166 Geisha Girls  
0167 Gaiety Dance  
0168 Deyo  
0169 S.S. Middletown  
0170 Jumbo  
0171 Jumbo  
0171 E A Hotel Fire in Paris, and Rescue by Parisian Pompiers  
0172 Columbia Bicycle Factory  
0173 A Newsboy's Scrap  
0174 Cavalry Charge  
0175 Cavalry Charge  
0176 Musical Drill; Troop A., 3dr. Cavalry  
0176 E 101st Regiment, French Infantry  
0177 Musical Drill; Troop A., 3dr. Cavalry/Cavalry Musical Drill  
0178 Jumping over Hurdles/Troopers Hurdling  
0179 Leaping over Hurdkes, Eight Abreast/Jumping Hurdles  
0180 Charging Through Intervals of Skirmishes/Charge, through Intervals of Skirmishes  
0181 Fencing on Horseback 3rd Cavalry  
0182 Wrestling, Bareback: 3rd Cavalry  
0182 E Elephants at the Zoo  
0183 Recess at Fort Ethan Allen/Cavalry Horses at Play  
0184 Standing in Stirrups, Jumping Hurdles  
0185 Seventy first Regiment N.G.S.N.Y./7th Regiment, N.G.S.N.Y.  
0186 Snatches of the Grant Parade/Glimpses at the Grant Parade  
0187 The Old Guard of New York  
0188 Gov. John A. Tanner, of Virginia, and Staff  
0189 Major General O. Howard USA, and Staff  
0190 Columbia School/Columbia School Cadets  
0191 First Corp Cadets; Mass National Guards  
0192 West Point Cadets  
0193 Major-General Dodge and Staff  
0194 U.S. Sailors  
0195 U.S. Cavalry and Artillery  
0196 Steamship "St Paul" Outward Bound  
0197 Theatre Hats Off  
0197 E Burglars in the Pantry  
0198 A Country Dance  
0199 A Practical Joke  
0200 Caught Napping  
0201 Foiled Again  
0202 Automatic Piano  
0203 Automatic Piano/Demonstrating the Action of an Automatic Piano  
0204 The Day After the Circus  
0205 Hard Scrabble  
0205 E The Zola-Rochefort Duel  
0206 La Petite Adelaide  
0207 A Darkey Cake Walk  
0208 Acrobatic Comedy by Lina and Vani/Lina & Vani  
0209 Six Furlong Handicap  
0210 Going to the Post  
0211 Finish of the Brooklyn Handicap  
0212 Hurdle Race  
0213 Bag Punching by Sadie Leonard  
0214 First Leonard Bout/First Round; Glove contest between the Leonards  
0215 Second Leonard Bout/Second Round; Glove Contest Between the Leonards  
0216 Death of Nancy Sykes  
0217 Dance; Franchenette Sisters/Dance; Franchonetti Sisters  
0218 French Acrobat Dance/French Acrobatic Dance  
0219 Kiching Wilhe's Hat  
0220 Girls' Boarding School  
0221 Ring Around a Rosie  
0221 E Pelicans at the Zoo  
0222 See Saw  
0223 Ancient and Honorable Artillery Parade  
0224 Ancient and Honorable Artillery Parade  
0225 Saharet  
0226 The Restless Girl  
0227 The Daisy Guard  
0228 A Dressing Room Scene  
0229 A Standard Picture Animated  
0229 E A Panoramic View in the Grand Canal  
0230 Shooting the Chutes  
0231 Throwing over a Wall  
0232 Ferryboat Winthrop  
0233 U.S.S. Massachsetts  
0234 Comedy Cake Walk  
0235 Pickaninies' Dance  
0235 E Panoramic View of Grand Canal  
0236 Bicycle Girl  
0237 Girls Wrestling on the Beach  
0238 An Affair of Honor  
0239 On the Beach  
0240 A Rural Courtship  
0241 The Troubadour  
0242 The Tramp and the Bather  
0243 Still Waters Run Deep  
0244 Two Girls Swinging  
0245 Peeping Tom  
0246 One Girl Swiging  
0247 A Surprise Party  
0248 A Romp  
0249 Fort Hill Fire Station  
0249 E Panoramic View of Venice  
0250 The Biggest Fish He Ever Caught  
0251 The Picnic  
0251 E To the Death  
0252 Young America  
0253 Trout Poachers  
0253 E The Rocket Coach  
0254 Harvard Crew  
0255 Albany Day Boats  
0255 E Has He Hit Me?  
0256 Cornell-Harvard-Yale Boat Race  
0257 Observation Train at Boat Races/Observation Train at the Inter-Collegiate Boat-Races  
0258 Quick Lunch  
0259 Loading Hay  
0260 Trial Scene  
0261 The Junior Republic on Parade  
0262 A Chicken Farm  
0263 Quick Dressing  
0264 n.c.  
0265 n.c.  
0266 Sprague Electric Train  
0267 Sprague Electric Train  
0268 Expert Driving  
0269 Bad Boy and Poor Old Grandpa  
0269 E Coronation of Queen Wilhelmina of Holland  
0270 In a Chinese Laundry  
0270 E Coronation of Queen Wilhelmina of Holland  
0271 The Vanishing Lady  
0271 E Coronation of Queen Wilhelmina of Holland  
0272 Hauling a Scoop Net  
0272 E Coronation of Queen Wilhelmina of Holland  
0273 On the Board Walk, Atlantic City, N.J.  
0274 Beach Scene Atlantic City, N.J.  
0275 A Jolly Crowd of Bathers/A Jolly Crowd of Bathers Frolicking on the Beach at Atlantic City  
0275 E Bath Scene  
0276 Promenading on the Beach  
0276 E Dutch Fishing Boats  
0277 In the Surf  
0278 Atlantic City Fire/Run of The Atlantic City Fire Department  
0279 Hight Diving  
0280 A Giant Steam-shovel  
0281 Philadephia Mounted Police at Drill/Mounted Police Drille  
0282 Rough Riding. Philadelphia Mounted Police  
0283 Making an Arrest  
0284 Catching a Runaway Team  
0285 Returning from Drill  
0286 Philadelphia Fire Department/Fire Run  
0287 Street Scene, Philadelphia/A Busy Corner  
0288 Fire Boat "Edwin S. Stuart"/Fire Boat "Edwin S. Stewart"  
0289 Pretty Girls and the Rail Fence  
0290 Girls Battling for a Hammock  
0291 n.c  
0292 n.c.  
0293 Dancing Girls Limbering up  
0294 Society Girls Playing Leap Frog  
0294 E President Faure shooting Pheasants  
0295 Girl's Acrobatic Feats  
0295 E The late President Faure of France  
0296 Thrashing Machine at Work/Threshing Machine at Work  
0297 Hallow-e'en in Coon-Town  
0298 Pie Eating Contest  
0299 Washing the Baby  
0299 E Launch of the Oceanic  
0300 Soap Bubbles  
0300 E Feeding the Pigs  
0301 The Haverstraw Tunnel  
0302 n.c.  
0303 Fatima  
0304 AEriel Slide at Coney Island  
0305 Fun on the Steeple Chase  
0306 Riding on the Merry-go round  
0307 A Baby Merry-go round  
0308 Harvesting Corn  
0309 Fall River Boat "Priscilla"  
0310 New York Elevated Trains  
0311 Golding Sisters, Champion Swimmers  
0311 E Grand Military Steeple-Chase  
0312 One-third Mile Bicycle Race  
0313 Oriten  
0314→0320 n.c.  
0320 E The Humane Side of Moderne Warfare  
0321 Keith's Theatre, Boston  
0322 Keith's Theatre, Boston  
0322 E Gand National Steeple-Chase  
0323 Jordan, Marsh and Co's. Store, Boston  
0324 Taking on the Pilot  
0324 E Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Crews  
0325 A Fishing Schooner Going to Sea/A Fishing Schooner  
0325 E Oxford-Cambridge Boat-Race  
0326 n.c.  
0326 E Lockhart's Performing Elephants  
0326→0328 n.c.  
0329 Safety in Four Tracks  
0330 Boston's Subway  
0331 Fall River Boat Train  
0332 The Crookedest Railroad Yard in the World  
0333 Fastest Wrecking Crew in the World  
0334 A Multicyle Race  
0335 A Paced Bicycle Race  
0336 Ancient and Honorable Artillery Co.  
0336 E Scots Greys  
0337 Heads, Hats and Faces  
0337 E The Gordon Highlanders  
0338 Facial Expressions by Loney Haskell  
0339 Marshall P. Wilder  
0340 Diving at Bath Beach  
0340 E A Zulu War Dance  
0341 Diving at Bath Beach  
0342 A Cat-Boat Race  
0343 Sexless Profiles  
0343 E Panoramic View of Windsor Castle  
0344 n.c.  
0344 E South Wales Express  
0345 n.c.  
0345 E English Fire Departement Run  
0346 n.c.  
0346 E Fire Department Rescue Drill  
0347→0348 n.c.  
0349 The Wreck of the Schooner "Richmond"  
0350 The Wreck of the Schooner "Richmond"  
0351 Sad Sea Waves  
0351 E Rt. Honorable Cecil Rhodes  
0352 Tramp in a Millionaire's Bed  
0353 Knock-out Drips  
0354 The Dancing Skeleton  
0355 A Burlesque Cake Walk  
0356 A Tramp's Dinner  
0356 E Wreck of the S. S. "Paris"  
0357 A New Waiter Opening a Fizz  
0357 E Launch of the Porthoustock Life-boat  
0358 n.c.  
0358 E Wreck of the Mohican  
0359 Philadelphia Police on Parace  
0359 E The Derby  
0360 Girard College Cadets  
0360 E The Paddock  
0361 Her First Corset  
0362 Girard College Cadets in Review  
0363 Girard College Cadets at Double Quick  
0364 Battleship "Texas"  
0365 Ocean Greyhounds  
0366 The Battery  
0367 Battleships "Maine" and "Iowa"  
0368 Warships "Marblehead" and "Miantonomah"/Battleships "Marblehead" and "Miantonomah"  
0369 The "Amphitrite"  
0370 the Mischievous Monkey  
0371 Pongo  
0372 Christmas Eve  
0373 Visit of St. Nicholas  
0374 Christmas Morning  
0375 Mulberry Bend  
0376 The Model  
0377 Tipping the Cart in Mulberry Bend  
0378 Scrambling for Pennies  
0379 The Side walks of New York  
0380 The Night Before Christmas  
0381 Santa Claus Filling Stockings  
0382 Christmas Morning  
0383 Christmas Tree Party  
0384 The Workers  
0385 Cruikshank  
0386→0388 Bird's-eye View of N.Y. from Brooklyn Bridge  
0388 At the Top of Brooklyn Bridge  
0389 A Mouse in a Girls' Dormitory  
0390 How a Rat Interrupted an Afternoon Tea  
0391 Only a Rat  
0392 n.c.  
0392 E Amann  
0393 n.c.  
0393 E Amann  
0394 n.c.  
0394 E Amann, the Great Impersonator  
0395→0402 n.c.  
0402 E The Prince of Wales (King Edward VII) at he Aldeshot Review  
0403→0405 n.c.  
0406 "Spike", the Bag-Punching Dog  
0406 E Ritchie, the Tramp Bicyclist  
0407 Skipping Rope Dance by Lizzie Derious Daly/A Skipping Rope Dance  
0407 E Tapping a Blast Furnace  
0408 An Early Breakfast  
0409 n.c.  
0409 E Her Majesty, Queen Victoria  
0410→0411 n.c.  
0411 E Her Majesty, Queen Victoria, Reviewing the Honorable Artillery  
0412 An Interrupted Sitting  
0412 E The Henley Regatta  
0413 The Bowery Waiter and the Old Time Ball Player  
0413 E Between the Races  
0414 n.c.  
0414 E Stage Coaches Leaving the Hotel Victoria  
0415 New Year's Carnival in Philadelphia  
0416 New Year's Carnival in Philadelphia  
0417 New Year's Carnival in Philadelphia  
0418 New Year's Carnival in Philadelphia  
0419 New Year's Carnival in Philadelphia  
0420 What Happened when a Hot Picture was Taken  
0421 Girls Struggling for a Sofa  
0421 E Polo-A Dash for Goal  
0422 Her Morning Exercise  
0422 E Polo-Hurlingham vs. Ranelagh  
0423 An Interrupted Breakfast  
0424 The Tipping Evil  
0425 Unexpected Advent of the School Teacher  
0426 Trinity Church Boston  
0427 Skating  
0428 Skating  
0429 How She Gets along Without a Maid  
0430 At the Chorus Girls' Picnic  
0431 The Timid Girls and the Terrible Cow  
0432 The See-saw at the Chorus Girls' Picnic  
0433 An Impromptu Can-can at the Chorus Girl's Picnic  
0434 Merry Sleigh Bells  
0434 E International Collegiate Games-Half Mile Run  
0435 A Fine Day for Sleighing/A Fine Day for Sleighing, Boston  
0435 E International Collegiate Games  
0436 A Sleighing Scene  
0436 E International Collegiate Games-100 yards Dash  
0437 Beacon Street, Boston, During the Blizzard/During the Blizzard  
0437 E International College Games-110 yards Hurdle Race  
0438 Clearing a Drift, Boston  
0438 E The International Collegiate Games  
0439 Fishing Vessels, After the Blizzard, Boston  
0440 Charge of the Light Brigade  
0440 E International Colege Games  
0441 Sailing Vessel Bound Out. N.Y. Bay/A Three Masted Schooner  
0442 Loading a Mississippi Steamboat  
0442 E International College Games  
0443 Spanish Battleship "Viscaya"  
0444 Spanish Battleship "Viscaya"  
0444 E Launch of the Battleship "Vengeance"  
0445 They're not so Warm  
0446 The Monitor "Terror"  
0447 The Pilot Boat "New York"  
0448 The Skyscrapers of New York  
0449 The Torpedo Boat "Du Pont"  
0450 Way Down South  
0451 Down in Dixie  
0451 E Man Oveboard !  
0452 City Hall  
0453 The Mardi Gras Carnival  
0454 Mardi Gras Carnival  
0455 Scene on the Steam-ship "Olivette"  
0456 Tampa Bay Hotel, Tampa, Fla.  
0457 Lawn Tennis in Florida  
0458 Feeding the Ducks at Tampa Bay  
0459 Fighting Roosters in Florida  
0460 The Snow Shoe Club  
0461 Canadian Militia on Snow Shoes, Quebec/Canadian Artillery Marching on Snow Shoes  
0462 Quebec Fire Department Drill  
0463 Quebec Fire Department Drill  
0464 Hockey Match, Quebec  
0465 Life Saving; Quebec Fire Department  
0466 Life Saving; Quebec Fire Department  
0467 Coasting Scene in Canada  
0468 Coasting in Canada  
0469 Panoramic View of the Boston Navy Yard/Boston Navy Yard  
0470 Coasting in Canada  
0471 Children Coasting  
0472 Steamer "Boston"  
0473 Panoramic View of Ft. Warren. Boston/Harbor Defenses  
0474 Panoramic View of Ft. Warren. Boston/Harbor Defenses  
0475 The Christian Herald's Relief Station, Havana  
0476 Divers at Work on the Wreck of the "Maine"/Divers at Work on the Maine  
0477 The Wreck of the "Maine"  
0478 Brigadier-General Fitz Hugh Lee, Havana  
0479 A Run of the Havana Fire Department  
0480 The Cruiser "Montgomery"  
0481 Canadian Artillery Marching on Snow-shoes  
0481 Canadian Outdoors Sports  
0482 Spanish Volunteers in Havana  
0483 Launching of the Battleship "Kentucky"/Launching the Battleship "Kentucky"  
0484 Cuban Reconcentrados  
0485 Steamship "Olivette"  
0486 Launching of the "Kearsarge"  
0487 Bare-back riding. Sixth U.S. Cavalry  
0488 Bare-back riding. Sixth U.S. Cavalry  
0489 Bare-back riding. Sixth U.S. Cavalry  
0490 Theodore Roosevelt  
0491 Captain Sigsbee  
0492 The Cruiser "Brooklyn"  
0493 The Cruiser "Columbia"  
0493 E Beerbohm Tree, the great English Actor  
0494 The Ram "Katahdin"  
0495 The Cruiser "Minneapolis"  
0496 The Battleship "Massachusetts"  
0497 Shipyard of the Newport News Ship-building Co/Newport News Ship-Building Co.'s Shipyard  
0498 nc.  
0499 What happened to the Dancing Master's Pupil  
0500 Her First Lesson in Dancing  


0501 French Can-can  
0502 Quebec Fire Department  
0503 Quebec Fire Department Drill  
0504→0512 n.c.  
0513 Sailor Nailing Flag  
0514 With the Army in Tampa  
0515 In Camp, Tampa, Fla.  
0516 Skirmish Fight/Practice Warfare  
0517 Tossing a Nigger in a Blanket  
0517 E General Sir Redvers Buller  
0518 Twelfth Regiment, N.G.S.N.Y.  
0519 The Tenth Battalion  
0519 E Lord Wolsely  
0520 Troop "A". N.G.S.N.Y.  
0521 Pile Drivers; Tampa, Fla.  
0522 Pile Drivers; Tampa, Fla.  
0523 Capture of the "Panama"  
0524 The "Panther"  
0525 The Monitor "Amphitrite"  
0526 Red Cross Steamer "Texas"  
0526 E Church Parade of the Life Guards  
0527 Effect at A. Certain Photograph  
0528 An Old Maid's Picture  
0528 E Her Majesty, Queen Victoria, Reviewing the Household Cavalry at Spital Barracks  
0529 When the Clock Strikes  
0529 E Her Majesty, Queen Victoria, Reviewing the Household Cavalry at Spital Barracks  
0530 Learning to do Splits  
0531 A Swift Chappie  
0532 Fun in the Barn  
0533 One Chair Short  
0533 E God Save the Queen  
0534 Between the Acts  
0535 In Front of "Journal" Building  
0535 E General Sir Redvers Buller, and Staff, Landing at Cape Town, South Africa  
0536 In Front of "Journal" Building  
0537 Cuban Volunteers/Cuban Patriots  
0538 The Sleeping Uncle and the Bad Girls  
0539 How Bridget Served the Salad Undressed  
0540 Warships  
0541 Marina  
0542 In Gay Paris  
0543 The Mi Yi Dance  
0544 Mouling Rouge Dancers  
0545 A French Quadrille  
0546 Capture of the "Pedro"  
0547 A Countr Couples Visit to an Art Gallery  
0548 The Unexpected Visit  
0549 An Interrupted Sitting  
0550 Some Dudes Can Fight  
0551 What Our Boys Did at Manila  
0551 E British Armored Train  
0552 The Tramp Trapped  
0553 Spinster's Waterloo  
0554 Folding Beds are Tricky  
0555 Battleship "Indiana"  
0556 Three Views of the Sixtyninth Regiment, N.G.S.N.Y.  
0557 The "Lorenzo"  
0558 The "Lorenzo"  
0558 E Lord Roberts Embarking for South Africa  
0559 The Battleship "Iowa"  
0559 E Armored Train Crossing the Veldt  
0560 Panoramic View of the Harbor of St Thomas/Harbor of St Thomas  
0560 E Frere Bridge, as Destroyed by the Boers  
0561 N. L. Farnum Post G.A.R.  
0562 Naval Post, G.A.R.  
0562 E With the British Ammunition Column  
0563 Dalgren Post, G.A.R.  
0563 E Rifle Hill Signal Outpost  
0564 Anderson Zouaves  
0565 John A. Dix Post, G.A.R.  
0566 Kiltes' Camp/Koltes' Camp, G.A.R.  
0567 Veteran Zouaves  
0568 Irish Volunteers  
0569 Church Temperance/Church Temperance League  
0570 Hebrew Orphan Asylum/Hebrew Orphan Asylum Band   
0570 E Battle of Colenso  
0571 The Rainmakers  
0572 E Battle of Colenso  
0572 The Schoolmaster's Surprise  
0573 Chief Devery at Head of N.Y. Police Parade  
0573 E Battle of Colenso  
0574 A Duel to the Death  
0575 New York Mounted Police on Parade  
0576 New York Police on Parade  
0577 n.c.  
0577 E Speed Trial of the "Albatross"  
0578 New York Police Parade  
0579 New York Police Parade/New York Police on Parade  
0579 E Panoramic View of Rome  
0580 An Unexpected Bath  
0581 The Wicked Boys and the Teacher's Unexpected Bath  
0581 E Lord Dundonald's Cavalry Seizing a Kopje in Spion Kop  
0582 Countryman and Mischievous Boys  
0583 The Deserter  
0584 He Wanted Too Much for His Pies  
0585 The Foragers  
0586 The Greased Pig  
0586 E On to Ladysmith  
0587 Street Boys at the Seashore  
0588 Uncle Rube's Visit to a Man-o'War   
0588 E Fight between Tarantula and Scorpion  
0589 Crossing the Line  
0590 Balancing in the Basket  
0591 Giving the General a Taste of it  
0591 E Battle of the Upper Tugela  
0592 How the Ballet Girl was Smuggled into Camp  
0592 E Battle of the Upper Tugela  
0593 One of the Hardships of Military Discipline  
0594 The Tramp and the Giand Fire-cracker  
0595 Cooling Off  
0596 "Roly Poly"  
0597 A Shoe and Stocking Race  
0598 Teeter Tauter  
0599 An Overloaded Donkey  
0600 "Rushing the Growler"  
0601 Whent the Girls Got Frisky   
0601 E Bringing in the Wounded during the Battle of Grobler's Kloof  
0602 A Ride on a Switchback   
0603 The Last Round Ended in a Free Fight   
0603 E Queen Victoria's last Visit to Ireland  
0604 The Wheelbarrow Race  
0605 How a Bottle of Cocktails was Smuggled into Camp  
0605 E Queen Victoria'a last Vist to Ireland  
0606 An Interrupted Kiss  
0607 The Daughter of the Regiment  
0608 How the Athletic Lover Outwitted the Old Man  
0609 A Romp in Camp  
0610 The Startled Lover  
0611 Train vs. Donovan  
0612 The Rivals  
0613 Smoking Her Out  
0613 E The Relief of Ladysmith  
0614 Fun in a Girl's Dormitory  
0614 E The Relief of Ladysmith  
0615 Jumping the Rope After Bed Time  
0615 E The Relief of Ladysmith  
0616 Siamese Twins  
0617 What's the Matter with the Bed  
0618 Tickling the Soles of Her Feet   
0619 "Going to Jerusalem"   
0620 "London Bridge is Falling Down"   
0621 "Round and Round the Mulberry Bush"   
0622 Dressing Paper Dolls  
0622 E The Queen's Reception to the Heroes of Ladysmith  
0623 Playing Soldiers   
0623 E Trial Speed of H.M. Torpedo Boat Bestroyer "Vipe"  
0624 Children's Tea Party   
0625 New York Naval Reserves  
0626 Winding the Maypole  
0627 Follow Your Leader   
0628 Spanking the Naughty Girl   
0629 Blind Man's Bluff   
0630 The Landlady Gives Notice to the Barrasing Sisters  
0631 The Chorus Girl's Good Samaritan  
0631 E Umbrella Dance, San Toy  
0632 Cholly's First Moustache   
0633 Jumping the Stick   
0634 Traying to "Skin the Cat"   
0635 The Amateur Trapeze Performers   
0636 Doing Her Big Brother's Tricks on the Bar   
0637 The Confetti Dance  
0638 The Lazy Girl  
0639 The Stingy Girl ans the Box of Candy   
0640 A Letter from Her Soldier Lover   
0641 The Locomotive Wheel   
0642 Roosevelt's Rough Riders   
0642 E Rare Fish in the Aquarium  
0643 A Windy Corner   
0644 When the Organ Played in Front of the Hotel   
0645 The Unwelcome Callers   
0646 Some Troubles of House Cleaning   
0647 A Breezy Day on a Man-o'-war   
0648 Cubans Sharpening Their Machetes   
0649 Cuban Volunteers for Garcia's Army/Cuban Volunteers  
0650 Joe, the Educated Orangoutang  
0651 A Second Story Man  
0652 A Chinese Opium Joint   
0653 The Inquisitive Girls   
0654 Locked Out, but Not Barred Out   
0655 Initiation of a College Society Girl   
0656 "Riding the Goat"   
0657 The Third Degree   
0658 A Tragedy Averted  
0659 Bathroom Frivolities   
0660 Three Baths for the Price of One   
0661 Gymnastic Feats After the Bath   
0662 Helping a Good Thing Along   
0663 Cooling off a Hot Baby   
0664 Hot Afternoon in a Bachelor Girl's Flat   
0665 Fun in a Harlem Flat   
0665 E Amateur Athletic Championships  
0666 Joe, the Educated Orangoutang, Undressing   
0666 E Amateur Athetic Championships  
0667 A Chinese Opium Joint   
0667 E Amateur Athletic Championships  
0668 Company "C," First Regiment N.J.V.   
0669 Thirty-second Regiment Michigan Volunteers   
0670 Army Mules  
0671 Recruits of the Sixtyninth Regiment M.G.S.N.Y.  
0671 E Spirit of the Empire  
0672 A Landing Fight  
0673 Trying to Jump Her Board Bill  
0674 Playing Horse  
0674 E Children of the Royal Family of England  
0675 The Stolen Stockings  
0676 Getting a Shape  
0677 Three Ways of Climbing Over a Chair  
0678 A Hot Time in a Hammock  
0678 E Children of the Royal Family of England  
0679 A Charge by Cavalry  
0679 E Earl Roberts and Staff  
0680 Sixtyninth Regiment Passing in Review  
0681 An Unsuccessful Raid  
0681 E Earl Roberts  
0682 Shooting the Chutes at Home  
0683 Girls Imitating Firemen  
0684 The Soubrettes' Wine Dinner  
0685 A Very Laughable Mixup  
0686 First Regiment, N.Y.V.  
0686 E Razing a Chimney  
0687 An Execution, by Hanging  
0688 The Katzen jammer Kids Playing/The Katzenjammer Kids in School  
0689 Tribulations of a Country Schoolmarm  
0689 E Earl Roberts and General Baden Powell  
0690 The Nearsighted School Teacher and Mischievous Kids  
0691 Bayonet Charge, by Second Illinois Volunteers  
0692 Second Illinois Volunteers in Review  
0693 Second Illinois Volunteers at Double Time  
0694 The Tramp and the Muscular Cook  
0695 Tramp Caught a Tartar  
0696 The Washwoman's Daughter  
0696 E Mining Operations  
0697 Col. Torrey's Rough Riders and Army Mules  
0698 Col. Torrey's Rough Riders  
0699 Policemen Play no Favorites  
0700 The Old Maid and the Burglar  
0701 Chorus Girl's Revenge  
0702 A Time and Place for Everything  
0703 Admiral Cervera and Spanish Officers Leaving "St Louis"/Admiral Cervera and Officers of the Spanish Fleet Leaving the "St. Louis"  
0704 Admiral McNair US.N.  
0705 Gen. Fitzhugh Lee and Staff  
0705 E John Philip Sousa  
0706 Spanish Sailors on the "St Louis"  
0707 The Wreck of the "Viscaya"  
0708 Lasso Throwing, by Torrey's Rocky Mt. Riders  
0709 Panoramic View of Harbor of Siboey, Cuba/U.S. Troop-Ships  
0710 Rough Riding  
0710 E Kansas City Fire Department, Winners of the World's Champion-ship at the Paris Exposition  
0711 Wounded Soldiers Embarking in Row-boats  
0711 E Kansas City Fire Department, Winners of the World's Champion-ship at the Paris Exposition  
0712 An Alarm of Fire in a Soubrette's Boarding House  
0712 E Kansas City Fire Department, Winners of the World's Champion-ship at the Paris Exposition  
0713 Troop "H" Rocky Mountain Riders/Troop "H", Denver, Col.  
0713 E Kansas City Fire Department, Winners of the World's Champion-ship at the Paris Exposition  
0714 Tribulations of Sleeping in a Hammock  
0715 Salt Lake City Company of Rocky Mt. Riders  
0716 How the Dressmaker Got Even with a Dead Beat  
0716 E Paris Exposition  
0717 Rocky Mountain Riders Rough Riding  
0717 E Paris Exposition  
0718 Printing the N.Y. "Journal" on Dispatch Boat "Sylvia"/New York Journal's War Issue  
0718 E Paris Exposition  
0719 The Bathing Girl's Hurdle Race  
0719 E Paris Exposition  
0720 Stolen Sweets  
0721 Coney Island Bikers  
0722 Ready for the Bath  
0723 "Leapfrog" on the Beach  
0724 Making Love on the Beach  
0725 The Dude's Experience with a Girl on a Wheel  
0726 Snap the Whip  
0727 The Minister's Wooing  
0728 Steamer "Island Wanderer"  
0729 Boys Stealing Apples  
0730 Little Willie and the Minister  
0731 Third Missouri Volunteers  
0732 The Baldheaded Dutchman  
0733 Shooting the Long Sault Rapids  
0734 Steamer "New York" Shooting Cedar Rapids/Through the Cedar Rapids  
0735 Seventh Ohio Volunteers   
0736 The Marvin Electric Drill/A Blast at the Solvay Quarries  
0737 Race Between a Motorcycle and a Horse   
0738 Jumping Net Practice  
0739 Stealing Apples  
0740 A Skirmish Drill  
0741 Sixty-fifth Regiment N.Y.V. at Double Time  
0742 Volley Firing  
0743 Sixty-fifth Regiment, N.Y.V.  
0744 Sixth Pennsylvania Volunteers  
0745→0746 n.c.  
0747 Naval Constructor/Naval Constructor Richmong P. Hobson  
0748 Peace Jubilee Naval Parade   
0749 The Battleship "Oregon"   
0750 The Men Behind the Guns  
0750 E Queen Victoria's Funeral  
0751 The Battleship "Oregon"   
0752 The Tramp's Last Bite  
0753 A Precarious Position   
0753 E Queen Victoria's Funeral  
0754 How Uncle Ruben Missed the Children   
0755 Me and Jack   
0756 A Poor Landing   
0757 He Caught More than He was Fishing for   
0758 The Treacherous String Board   
0759 A Slippery Landing   
0760 A Catastrophe in a Sailboat  
0761 The Fat Man and the Treacherous Springboard   
0762 They Will Never Do it Again   
0762 E Queen Victoria's Funeral  
0763 The Farmer's Mishap   
0764 A Bigger Fish Than He Could Manage  
0765 The Gallant Young Man   
0766 Weary Raggles   
0767 A Good Field but a Poor Start   
0767 E The First Procession in State of H. M. King Edward VII  
0768 Queer Fish That Swim in the Sea  
0769 How Farmer dones Made a Hit at Pleasure Bay   
0769 E First Procession in State of H. M. King Edward VII  
0770 Panorama of Camp Wikoff/Panoramic View of Camp Wikoff  
0771 Col. Theodore Rossevelt and Staff/Col. Theodore Rossevelt and Officers of his Staff  
0772 Thirty third Regiment, Michingan Volunteers  
0773 First Battalion, Second Massachusetts Volunteers   
0774 Seventy-first Regiment, N.Y.V. at Camp Wikoff   
0775 Gen. Wheeler and Secretary of War Alger at Camp Wikoff (Gen. Wheeler and Secretary of War Russell A. Alger at Camp Wikoff  
0776 Second Battalion, Second Massachusetts Volunteers  
0776 E Departure of Duke and Duchess of Cornwall for Australia  
0777 Twenty-fourth Infantry  
0778 Ninth Infantry U.S.A. /Ninth Regiment, U.S. Regulars  
0779 Crew of the "Yankee"  
0780 Capron's Battery Camp Wikoff  
0781 Eighth Ohio Volunteers (the President's Own)  
0782 Thirteenth Infantry, U.S. Regulars  
0783 President McKinley's Inspection of Camp Wikoff  
0784 Fourth Infantry U.S.A./Fourth Infantry, U.S. Regulars  
0784 E Oxford-Cambridge Race  
0785 Twenty second Regiment/22nd Regiment, Kansas Volunteers  
0786 Tenth Regiment, Ohio Volunteers  
0787 A Gallant Charge  
0788 Company "H", Third N.Y.V.  
0789 Broadsword Frill  
0790 Rapid Fire Gun Drill  
0791 First Rhode Island Volunteers  
0792 Agoust Family of Jugglers  
0793 Eighteenth Pennsylvania Volunteers  
0794 First Maryland Volunteers  
0795 Rapid Fire Charge  
0796 Red Cross  
0797 Behind the Firing Line  
0798 Fifth Massachusetts Volunteers  
0799 The Last Stand  
0800 Free Tobacco  
0801 Fifteenth Minnesota Volunteers  
0802 In the Trenches  
0803 Charge by Rushes  
0804 The Defence of the Flag  
0805 Pea Hulling Machine  
0806 Pea Hulling Machine  
0807 Troop "C" Brooklyn, N.Y.  
0808 In the Adirondacks  
0809 Twenty third Regiment, N.G.S.N.Y.  
0810 U.S. Marines  
0811 Sailors of U.S. Cruiser "Brooklyn"/Officers and Crew of the U.S. Cruiser "Brooklyn"  
0812 Launching of U.S.B. "Illinois"  
0813 St. Bernard Comandery. Chicago; Knight Templars  
0814 Detroit Commandery Nº 1, Knight Templars  
0815 Detroit Commandery Nº 1, Knight Templars  
0816 Tancred Commandery, Pittsburg  
0816 E Launch of Shamrock II  
0817 Beauseant Commandery of Baltimore  
0817 E The Builders of Shamrock II  
0818 Providence Commandery/Providence Commandery, Providence, R. I.  
0819 Louisville Commandery/Louisville Commandery, Louisville, Ky.  
0820 Hansellmann Commandery of Cincinnati/Hanselmann Commandery, Cincinatti, O.  
0821 Boston Commandery, Boston, Mass.  
0822 Grand Commandery of the State of New York  
0823 n.c.  
0824 Damascus Commandery of Detroit  
0825 Cleveland Commandery, Cleveland, Ohio  
0826→0832 n.c.  
0833 Third Pennsylvania Volunteers  
0834 Naval Constructor Hobson and Crew of "Merrimac"/Naval Constructor Richmond P. Hobson and the Crew of the Merrimac  
0835 Major-General Nelson A. Miles and Staff, in the Peace Jubilee Parade  
0836 Phila. City Troop and a Company of Rough Riders/Philadelphia City Troop and a Company of Roosevelt's Rough Riders  
0837 Tenth Cavalry in Peace Jubilee Parade, Phila.  
0838 Battleship Captains in Peace Jubilee Parade/Famous Battleship Captains-Philadelphia Peace Jubilee Parade  
0839 St Vincent's Cadets  
0840 Floats in Peace Jubilee/Allegorical Floats  
0841 Street Scene, Chicago/A Chicago Street  
0842 The Arrest/A Street Fight and Arrest  
0843 The South Gate of the Highlands  
0844 The South Gate of the Highlands  
0845 How the Gobbler Missed the Axe  
0846 A Mad Bull/A Texas Steer  
0847 County Democracy  
0848 Stealing a Ham  
0848 E Bend Or  
0849 Who's Got the Red Ear ?  
0850 Love in a Cornfield  
0851 Cardinal Gibbons  
0852 Underwear Model  
0853 Mr. B. F. Keith  
0854 A Happy Family  
0855 Making an Impression  
0856 A Innocent Victim  
0857 "Snappìng the Whip"  
0858 The Rivals  
0859 Around the Big Swing  
0860 The Illinois Central Terminal  
0860 E English Derby, 1901  
0861 Gladys Must be in Bed Before Ten.  
0862 A Living Picture Model Posing Before a Mirror  
0863 A Narrow Escape  
0863 E Emperor William's Yacht "Meteor"  
0864 The Dance of the Living Picture  
0865 Socks or Stockings  
0866 Ice Yachting  
0866 E International Yacht Races on the Clyde  
0867 Astor's Battery/The Astor Battery  
0868 Country Boarders Locked Out  
0869 The Elopement  
0870 A Boarding School Escape  
0871 Fifth Avenue Entrance to Central Park  
0871 E Volodyovski  
0872 Storming the Fort  
0873 Rotary Snowplow in Action  
0874 Rotary Snowplow in Action  
0875 In the Grip of the Blizzard  
0876 Getting Rid of the Surplus  
0877 Bucking the Blizzard  
0878 Panoramic View of Niagara Falls in Winter/Niegara Falls in Winter  
0878 E Panoramic View of the Thames  
0879 N. Y. to Brooklyn Across Brooklyn Bridge/Across Brooklyn Bridge  
0880 McKinley Leaving State House, Boston  
0881 A "Moving" Picture  
0882 Love in the Kitchen  
0883 How Charlie Got the Dough  
0884 Tommy's Ringing Good Joke on His Dad  
0885 Around the Big Curves on the Manhattan Elevated R. R.  
0885 E The Henley Regatta, 1901  
0886 Around the Big Curves on the Manhattan Elevated R. R.  
0887 A Mean Trick on a Sleepy Soubrette  
0888 Over the Bannisters  
0889 A Slide for Life  
0890 The Disappointed Old Maid  
0891 What Happened to the Burglar  
0892 n.c.  
0893 Dance in a Turkish Harem  
0894 Queen of the Harem  
0895 A Hot Time in Alaska  
0896 Can-can in the Klondike  
0897 Fatima, the Star of the Orient  
0898→0903 n.c.  
0904 Ruins of the Windsor Hotel/Ruins of the Windsor Hotel Fire  
0905 Third Avenue Elevated Railroad  
0905 The Manhattan "L" at 125th St.  
0906→0907 n.c.  
0908 The Cremation  
0909 The Startled Lover  
0910 Her First Pose  
0911 Classic Poses  
0912 Frank Gould's Dogs  
0913 Frank Gould's Dogs  
0913 Prize Winning St. Bernards  
0914 Fifth Avenue on an Easter Sunday/An Easter Parade  
0915 A Bucking Broncho  
0916 A Bucking Broncho  
0917 Providence Fire Department  
0918 Arrival of Boat, Providence, R.I.  
0919 Market Square, Provicence, R.I.  
0920 Parade in Providence, R.I.  
0921 Review of First Rhode Island Volunteers  
0922 Wreck of the "Norseman" on Tom Moore's Ledge  
0923 She Wanted to be a Boy  
0924 The Artist's Dream  
0925 Elevated Railroad and Draw Bridge  
0926 The Nurse's Joke  
0927 He Felt that He had Them  
0928 A High School Horse  
0929 The Jealous Cook and the Policeman  
0930 Why He Resigned from the Lodge  
0931 Mysterious Disappearance of a Policeman  
0932 Digging a Tench  
0933 Centennial Parade/A Welcome Home  
0934 Centennial Parade/Welcoming the Soldier Boys  
0935 Johanna's Chase  
0935 E Chamberlain and Balfour  
0936 Teasing the Cook  
0937 Love's Labor Lost  
0938 Why Clara was Spanked  
0939 U.S. Cruiser "Raleigh"/Cruiser "Raleigh"  
0940 Greater New York  
0941 Parade at Marblehead, Massachusetts/A Marblehead Welcome  
0942 Liberty Enlightening the World  
0943 Tremont Street, Boston  
0944 "Graf Waldersee" in New York Bay/"Graf Waldersee"   
0945 Off for China  
0946 Under Fall Sail  
0947 The "Eutruria" Outward Bound/"Etruria"  
0948 Eighth Regiment, Mass. Volunteers  
0949 Stealing a Bride  
0950 A Trip over the Manhattan Elevated Railroad  
0951 View of Brooklyn Bridge from a Ferryboat  
0952 Parade at Somerville, Mass./Patriot's Day Parade  
0953 Parade at Somerville, Mass./Patriot's Day Parade  
0954 Pole Vaulting at Columbia University  
0955 Parade at Somerville, Mass./Patriot's Day Parade  
0956 Ferryboat "St.Louis"  
0957 Reginald's First High Hat  
0958 It's Unlucky to Pass Under a Ladder  
0959 Symphony in "A" Flat  
0960 Meadowbrook Hunt  
0961 Going to the Hunt  
0962 High Hurdle Jumping, at Meadowbrook Hunt Club  
0963 the Minister's Fall from Grace  
0964 Farmer Oatcake and His Troubles  
0965 My Ragtime Girl!  
0966 A Crusty Old Bachelor  
0967 The Dusky Serenade  
0968 Little Willie in Mischief Again  
0969 How N. Y. Society Girls Take to the Fad of Tattooing  
0970 Odd Fellow's Parade  
0971 Unveiling the Statue fo Gen. U.S. Grant  
0972 What Dumb Animals can be Taught to Do  
0973 Stealing a Dinner  
0974 First City Troop of Philadelphia  
0975 Gen. Snowden and Staff, and Crew of "Raleigh"  
0976 Second Battalion, First Regiment, N.G. of Pennsylvania  
0977 A The State Fencibles  
0977 B Second City Troop  
0978 Girard College Cadets  
0979 Distributing a War Extra on Union Square  
0980 Cramp's Shipyard  
0981 Crew of the US Cruiser "Raleigh"  
0982 American-Chinese Naval Reserves  
0983 Mrs. U.S. Grant and President Mc. Kinley  
0984 President McKinley and Mayor Ashbridge of Philadephia  
0985 Steamship "Pavonia"  
0986 Elephants in a Circus Parade  
0987 High Jumping  
0988 A Burlesque Queen  
0989 Burlesque Queen and a Country Photographer  
0990 Frank Melville's Trick Elephant  
0991 Hippopotamus Babe  
0992 Circus Hands Driving a Tent Peg/Tent Pegging  
0993 A Unique Race  
0994 Hurdle Jumping  
0995 Schooling Horses/Schooling Hunters  
0996 Lunch-Time in the Studio  
0997 the Wicked Sister and the Lobster  
0998 A Bare Skin Joke  
0999 A Lark at the French Ball  
1000 Getting Up in the World  


1001 Why Mamie Missed the Masquerade  
1001 E Norway Ski Jumping Constests  
1002 Shooting the Life Line  
1003 Launching the Life-boat  
1003 E Winter Life in Sweden  
1004 Operation of the Breeches Buoy/The Breeches Buoy  
1005 Hipwood-Barrett Car Fender  
1005 E Emar De Flon, the Champion Skater  
1006  The Yale Crew  
1007 Hazing a Freshman  
1007 E Soot versus Suds  
1008 Yale Athletes  
1008 E Nabbed by the Nipper  
1009 A Cock Fight  
1010 A Cock Fight  
1011 Yale Athletes Broad Jumping  
1012 Running the Hurdles  
1013 Spirits in the Kitchen  
1014 Little Willie Puts a Head on his Pa  
1015 Little Willie and the Burglar  
1016 Living Pictures  
1016 E An Obstinate Cork  
1017 E Dessert at Dan Leno's House  
1018 E Mr. Dan Leno, Assisted by Mr. Herbert Campbell, Editing the "Sun"  
1019 Third Boston School Regiment  
1020 Second Boston School Regiment  
1021 First Boston School Regiment  
1022 Champion High Jumpers-"Chappie" and "Ben Bolt"  
1023 The Automatic Prize Fight  
1024 A Good Shot  
1025 "Sampson" Champion High Stepper  
1026 Langton Performer 2nd  
1027 Ambulance Corps Drill  
1028 High Steppers in Harness  
1029 New York Mounted Police  
1030 Farmer Wayback Entertains  
1031 Judging Ladies' Saddle Horses  
1032 A Flock of Sheep  
1033 Charlie Wanted the Earth  
1034 The Serenaders  
1035 The Burglar and the Bundle  
1036 Mounted Artillery  
1037 Troop "F" 3rd Cavalry  
1038 Founder's Log Cabin  
1039 Board of Trade  
1040 The Price of a Kiss  
1041 E Signor Marconi-Wireless Telegraphy  
1042 Finish of the Brooklyn Handicap, 1899  
1043 Sunday School Parade  
1044 Sunday School Parade  
1045 Governor Walcott of Massachusetts  
1046 First Heavy Artillery  
1047 Lieutenant-General Nelson A. Miles  
1048 Twenty-second Regiment N.G.S.N.Y.  
1049 Ninth Regiment N.G.S.N.Y.  
1050 Chief Devery and Staff  
1051 New York Police  
1052 New York Naval Militia  
1052 E The Murderer's Vision  
1053 Eighth Regiment, N.G.S.N.Y.  
1054 The Pride of the Household  
1055 Childhood's Happy Days  
1056 Feeding the Pigeons  
1059 The Corset Model  
1060 Armor vs. Amour  
1061 A Bad (K)night  
1062 A Football Tackle  
1063 La Grande Duchesse  
1066 The Suburban  
1067 Going to the Post  
1071 Scrubbem's Washing Machine  
1072 President McKinley  
1073 President and Mrs. McKinley  
1074 Down Mount Tom  
1075 Children Feeding Ducklings  
1076 How Ducks are Fattened  
1077 A Whipping Post  
1077 E Their Majesties the King and Queen  
1078 Suckling Pigs  
1079 The Lock-Step  
1081 Buffalo Fire Department  
1082 The Approach to Niagara  
1082 E Spanish Coronation Royal Bull-Fight  
1083 Niagara Falls Station  
1084 Panoramic View of Niagara FAlls  
1085 A Flock of Export Sheep  
1086 E Panoramic View of London Streets, Showing Coronation Decorations  
1089 Smallest Train in the World  
1090 Hurdle Jumping; by Trained Dogs  
1091 Boxing Dogs  
1094 An Attempt to Escape  
1095 Employes of Parke, Davis & Co  
1096 How Papa Set off the Fireworks  
1097 Kilpatrick's Ride  
1098 Male Prisoners Marching to Dinner  
1099 A Barrel Fight  
1100 Detroit Fire Department  
1100 E Amateur Athletic Association Sports  
1101 Fire Drill at the Factory of Parke, Davis & Co  
1101 E Amateur Athletic Association Sports  
1102 Baby Lund, "Smithie" and "Midger"  
1103 Female Prisoners; Detroit House of Correction  
1104 Baby Lund and her Pets  
1105 Police Drill  
1106 Canoeing at Riverside  
1107 Demonstrating the Action of the Cliff-Guibert Hose Reel  
1108 Aquatic Sports  
1109 Steamship "Northland"  
1110 Lower Rapids of Niagara Falls  
1111 Whirlpool Rapids  
1112 G. A. R. Post, Detroit  
1113 Michigan Naval Reserves and the Detroit Light Guards  
1114 Steamship "Chippewa"  
1115 Myopia vs. Dedham  
1116 A Bluff from a Tenderfoot  
1117 Rounding the Stake-Boat  
1118 Columbia vs. Defender  
1119 Columbia vs. Defender  
1120 When their Love Grew Cold  
1121 How Bill the Burglar Ghot a Bath  
1124 Water for Fair  
1127 The Sweet Girl Graduate  
1129 Baby's Bath  
1131 The Artist's Dream  
1132 Chuck Connors vs. Chin Ong  
1133 Chuck Connors and Chin Ong  
1137 Love in a Hammock  
1138 The Lover's Quarrel  
1141 Baby Feeding a Kitten  
1142 The Dairy Maid's Revenge  
1143 When Babies Quarrel  
1144 The Finish for Mr. Fresh  
1146 Summit of Mt. Washington  
1148 Wininisquan Lake  
1149 Climbing Jacob's Ladder  
1150 Glen House Stage  
1152 The Frankenstein Trestle  
1153 Crawford Notch  
1155 Babies Playing on a Hot Day  
1158 Bringing a Friend Home for Dinner  
1159 A Feast Day in Honolulu  
1160 How the Porto Rican Girls Entertain Uncle Sam's Soldiers  
1161 Ballet of the Ghosts  
1162 Hooksett Falls Bridge  
1163 Around Tynsborough Curve  
1166 The Fire Boat "New Yorker"  
1167 The Maniac Barber  
1168 Professor Billy Opprman's Swimming School  
1169 Fancy Diving  
1170 Miss Jewett and the Baker Family  
1171 Ding Dong  Bell, Jhonny's in the Well  
1172 What Hypnotism Can Do  
1173 43rd Rifles; Royal Canadian Infantry  
1174 Lord and Lady Minto  
1176 In Fighting Trim  
1178 The Imperial Limited  
1179 the X-Ray Mirror  
1180 Intrigue in a Harem  
1181 A Gay Old Boy  
1182 Water Throwing Contest  
1183 The Great Lafayette  
1184 He Didn't Finish the Story  
1187 A Volunteer Fire Department  
1188 Wonderful Dancing Girls  
1189 Topsy-Turvy Quadrille  
1190 Demonstrating the Action of the Norhtrop Looms  
1191 Four Corners of Rochester  
1192 Employes of Bausch, Lomb & Co.  
1193 Rochester Fire Department  
1194 A Thrilling Ride  
1195 Guardians of the Peace  
1196 The Makers of the Kodak  
1197 Arabis Patrol  
1198 Soldiers of the Future  
1199 Heroes of Luzon  
1200 Eggs Hatching  
1201 Two Hours after Hatching  
1202 Chickens Coming out of the Shell  
1203 Shamrock I  
1204 The "Erin"  
1206 Demonstrating the Action of a Patent Street Sprinkler of the American Car Sprinkler Co. of Worcester, Mass  
1207 The Summer Girl  
1210 M'lle. Cathrina Bartho  
1211 M'lle Cathrina Bartho  
1212 M'lle Cathrina Bartho  
1213 The Great Free-for-All Pacing Race  
1214 The Great Free-for-All Pacing Race  
1215 One Mile Dash  
1216 Some Future Champions  
1217 The Golding Family  
1218 "King" and "Queen", the Great High Diving Horses  
1219 Fancy Diving  
1220 Diving through Paper Screens  
1222 Apple Blossoms  
1223 An Exciting Finish  
1224 The Poster Girls  
1225 The Poster Girls and the Hypnotist  
1227 The Skeleton at the Feast  
1229 A Roll Lif't Draw Bridge  
1230 Trial of Capt. Dreyfus  
1231 Dreyfus Receiving His Sentence  
1232 The Sandwich Man  
1233 Baxter Street Mystery  
1234 Admiral Dewey  
1235 Admiral Dewey Receiving his Mail  
1237 A Midnight Fantasy  
1238 Jack Tars Ashore  
1239 Officers of the Olympia  
1241 A Ray of Sunshine after the Rain  
1242 Dewey Naval Parade  
1243 Dewey Naval Parade  
1244 Col. Theodore Roosevelt and Staff Escorted by Troop "A" of New York  
1245 The West Point Cadets and Band  
1246 Marines of the Atlantic Fleet  
1247 Sailors of the Atlantic Fleet  
1248 Dewey Arch  
1249 1st Penn' Volunteers of Philadelphia  
1250 Glen House Stage  
1250 7th Regiment, New York City  
1251 Col. John Jacob Astor, Staff and Veterans of the Spanish-American War  
1252 2nd Company Governor's Footguards, Conn.  
1253 2nd Battalion, 3rd New York Provisional Regiment, Rochester and Syracuse Separate Companies  
1254 10th Penn'a Volunteers  
1255 The Dandy 5th of Baltimore  
1256 5th Ohio Volunteers of Cleveland  
1257 Connecticut Naval Reserves  
1260 Overland Limited  
1261 Back from Manila  
1262 In Busy 'Frisco  
1263 Market Street  
1266 Steamer "Grand Republic"  
1267 Fourth Connecticut Volunteers, Dewey Parade  
1268 Gen. McCrosky Butt and Staff  
1269 A Dip in the Mediterranean  
1270 Harbor of Villefranche  
1271 "Shamrock" and "Columbia"  
1272 Start of Third Day's Race  
1273 Dewey Naval Parade  
1274 Training Ship "Lancaster"  
1276 The "Niagara"  
1277 The "Corsair"  
1278 The "Richard Peck"  
1279 The "Havana"  
1280 The "Sagamore"  
1281 The "Pennsylvania"  
1282 The "Corsair"  
1283 Mr. and Mrs. C. Oliver Iselin  
1285 The Gap, Entrance to the Rocky Mountains  
1286 The Eastern Slope of the Rockies, passing Anthracite Station  
1288 Under the Shadow of Mt. Stephen, passing Field's Station in the Rocky Mountains  
1289 Down the Western Slope of the Canadian Rockies through Kicking Horse Pass  
1290 In the Canadian Rockies, near Banff  
1291 Up the Big Grade in the Valley of the Kicking Horse  
1292 Steamship "Empress of India"  
1293 Chinamen Returning to China  
1294 A Close Finish  
1295 "Columbia" vs. "Shamrock"  
1296 Full Rigged Ship at Sea  
1300 "Shamrock" after Carrying away Topsail  
1302 Mrs. C. Oliver Iselin and Crew of Columbia  
1303 Columbia Close to the Wind  
1304 Around Gravel Bay  
1305 Bridge No. 804, and Daly's Grade  
1306 Caribou Bridge  
1307 Frazer Canyon, East of Yale  
1318 The Jeffries-Sharkey Fight  
1328 Fougere  
1329 the Foster Mother  
1332 Passing Steamboat and Great Eastern Rocks  
1333 By Pulpit Rock and through the Town of Echo  
1334 The "Overland Limited" Passing Witch Rocks  
1335 West of Peterson; Entrance to Weber Canyon  
1336 East of Uintah in Weber Canyon  
1337 One-Thousand-Mile Tree, Weber Canyon  
1338 Devil's Slide  
1339 Tunnel "No. Three"  
1340 Devil's Gate  
1341 Toll Gate and Castle Rock near Green River  
1348 33rd Infantry, U.S.A.  
1349 Coolies at Work  
1350 Going to the Firing Line  
1351 The Escolta  
1352 Blanco Bridge  
1354 Unloading Lighters  
1355 Demonstrating the action of Pneumatic Shell Riveters on the Underside of the Hull of a Steel Vessel. Taken for the Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co.  
1357 Blaine Club of Cincinnati  
1358 Governor Nash of Ohio  
1361 I Had to Leave a Happy Home for You  
1363 Another Picture Showing Demonstration of a Pneumatic Shell Riveter  
1364 Demonstrating the Action of the Chicago Pnematic Tool Co.'s Deck Machine  
1365 Skating in Central Park  
1366 Departure of the Second Canadian Contingent  
1367 Departure of the Second Canadian Contingent  
1368 Departure of the Second Canadian Contingent  
1369 Royal Leinsters on Review  
1370 Royal Leinsters Regiment on Parade  
1371 Northwestern Mounted Rifles  
1372 The Royal Leinster Regiment  
1373 Mounted Rifles at Drill  
1374 Mounted Rifles at Drill  
1375 Canadian Mounted Rifles on the March  
1377 Toronto Mounted Rifles  
1380 Bridge of Spain  
1381 The Call to Arms !  
1382 Walnut Hills Cadets  
1383 In the Field  
1384 Making Manila Rope  
1385 Market Place  
1386 The Train for Angeles  
1387 Going into Action  
1388 Water Buffalo  
1389 Bringing General Lawton's Body back to Manila  
1390 An Advance by Rushes  
1392 How'd You Like to be the Iceman  
1393 Above the Speedway  
1394 A Brush on the Speedway  
1395 Off for the Boer War  
1396 Funeral of Major-General Henry W. Lawton  
1397 A Military Inspection  
1398 The 17th Infantry, U.S.A.  
1399 The Battle of Mt. Ariat  
1400 The Attack on Magalang  
1401 Back from Battle  
1402 Brigadier-General Frederick D. Grant and Staff  
1403 Under Armed Escort  
1404 Major-General Arthur MacArthur and Staff  
1405 Opening the Rapid Transit Tunnel  
1406 Dress Parade of the Woodward High School Cadets  
1407 Ein Bier  
1408 Tommy's Trick on Granpa  
1409 In Central Park  
1410 The Prince of Darkness  
1411 A Terrible Night  
1412 The Stocking Scene from "Naughty Anthony"  
1417 Uncle Si's Experience in a Concert Hall  
1418 The Croton Dam Strike  
1419 Horsewhipping an Editor  
1421 Demonstrating the Operation of the Harrington Rail Bonding System on the Line of the Coney Island and Brooklyn Railroad Co.  
1422 The Chimney Sweep and the Miller  
1423 How they Entertain Strangers in Chicago  
1424 After Dark in Central Park  
1425 Uncle Reben Lands a Kick  
1426 Sherlock Holmes Baffled  
1427 The Clown and the Mule  
1428 A Somersault on Horseback  
1429 A Four-Horse Circus Act  
1430 The Boomerang  
1431 A Raid on a Chinese Opium Joint  
1434 How the young man got Stuck at Ocean Beach  
1435 A Raid on "Dago" Counterfeiters  
1436 A Gun Play in the Klondike  
1437 A Farmer who could not let Go  
1438 A Speedway Parade  
1444 Great Ottawa Fire  
1448 On the Advance with Gen. Wheaton  
1449 General Bell's Expedition  
1450 Slow but Sure  
1451 Into the Wilderness!  
1452 With the Guns!  
1453 Into the Wilderness!  
1454 Aguinaldo's Navy  
1455 An Historic Feat  
1456 The 4th Cavalry  
1457 A Charge on the Insurgents  
1458 Brigadier-General Franklin Bell and Staff  
1459 Into the Wilderness!  
1460 The Fighting 36th  
1461 A Filipino Town Surprised  
1462 Manila  
1463 After Aguinaldo  
1464 Major-General Lloyd Wheaton  
1465 How the Farmer was Buncoed  
1466 The Growler Gang catches a Tartar  
1467 One on the Bum  
1468 he Troublesome Fly  
1470 How they Fired the Bum  
1471 The Downward Path. (The New Soubrette)  
1472 The Downward Path. (The Cheeky Book Agent)  
1473 The Downward Path. (The Girl who went Astray)  
1474 The Downward Path. (In Suicide Hall)  
1475 The Downward Path. (She Ran Away with the City Man)  
1476 Gatling Gun Drill  
1477 Water Babies  
1478 The Art of "Making-Up"  
1479 Why Mrs. McCarthy went to the Ball  
1480 Sidewalks of New York  
1481 A Good Time with the Organ Grinder  
1482 The Thierf and the Pie-Woman  
1488 The Arizona Doctor  
1491 The Census on Cherry Hill  
1492 How he Saw the Eclipse  
1497 How Bridge made the Fire  
1498 The Clown and the See-Saw Fairies  
1499 Mechanical Hair-Restorer  
1500 The Masher's Waterloo  


1501 Such a Quiet Girl, too!  
1501 A Gesture Fight in Hester Street  
1505 Soldiers of Greater Britain  
1507 The Tell-tale Kiss  
1508 The Tramp and the Burglar  
1509 Tramp in the Haunted House  
1510 A Yard of Frankfurters  
1511 A Career of Crime, nº 1  
1512 Public  Square, Cleveland  
1513 Steam Yacht "Kismet"  
1514 The Suburban of 1900  
1515 Harris Training Tower  
1516 Flyers of the Great Lakes  
1517 A Cadet Cavalry Charge  
1521 Orchard Lake Cadets  
1522 Shelter Tent Drill  
1523 A Career of Crime, nº 2  
1524 A Career of Crime, nº 3  
1525 Larchmont Regatta  
1526 A Career of Crime, nº 4  
1527 A Career of Crime, nº 5  
1528 Love at Fifty-five  
1530 The Exposed Seance  
1531 Alligator Bait  
1532 The Escape from Sing Sing  
1533 A Cold Water Cure  
1534 Not the Man she Waited for  
1535 Championship Polo  
1536 A Strike in a Dime Museum  
1537 A Burglar-Proof Bed  
1538 Fire Boat "JOhn M. Hutchinson"  
1539 Love in the Dark  
1540 A Political Discussion  
1541 A Champion Beer Drinker  
1542 Champion Polo Players  
1543 The Hoboken Holocaust  
1544 The Hoboken Holocaust  
1545 The Hoboken Holocaust  
1546 The Hoboken Holocaust  
1547 The Mail-Man in Coon Town  
1548 The Organ Grinder's Fourth of July  
1549 How they got Rid of Mamma  
1550 How Charlie Lost the Heiress  
1552 Burning of the Standard Oil Tanks  
1553 His Dad Caught Him Smoking  
1554 Too much of a Good Thing  
1555 A Hair-raising Episode  
1556 The Katzenjammer Kid's Love Affair  
1557 The Black Storm  
1558 Arrest of a Shoplifter  
1560 The Fatal Wedding  
1561 A Raid on a Woman's Poolroom  
1562 Bargain Day  
1563 Deep Sea Fishing  
1564 Prize-Winning Coaches  
1565 The Promenaders  
1566a Atlantic City Lodge, 276, B.P.O. Elks  
1566b Philadelphia Lodge, nº 2, B.P.O. Elks  
1567 Blue Ribbon Jumpers  
1568a Washington Lodge, nº 15, B.P.O. Elks  
1568b Washington Lodge, nº 22, B.P.O. Elks  
1570 The Tough Kid's Waterloo  
1571 Who said Chicken?  
1572 The Tramp gets Whitewashed  
1573 Execution of a Spy  
1574 Trouble at the Christening  
1575 Fifteenth Infantry, U.S.A.  
1577 Trouble in Hogan's Alley  
1580 Allabad, the Arabian Wizard  
1581 The Convict's Punishment  
1582 A Jersey Skeeter  
1583 A Wake in "Hell's Kitchen"  
1584 Pierrot's Problem, or How to Make a Fat Wife Out of Two Lean Ones  
1585 Rescue of a White Girl from the Boxers  
1586 Chasing the Cherry Pickers  
1587 Over the Fence and Out  
1588 The Farmer's Imitation of Ching Ling Foo  
1590 Living Pictures-Phrosine and Meledore  
1591 Living Pictures-The Temptation of St. Anthony  
1592 Living Pictures-The Slave Market  
1593 Living Pictures-the Unfaithful Odalisque  
1595 Demonstrating the Action of the Brown Hoisting and Conveying Machine in Unloading a Schooner of Iron Ore, and Loading the Material on the Cars  
1596 Living Pictures-By the Sea; and the Tempest  
1597 Living Pictures  
1598 Living Pictures  
1599 Living Pictures  
1601 Living Pictures  
1602 Living Pictures  
1605 Eccentricites of an Adirondack Canoe  
1606 Seamer "Stowell" Running the Narrows  
1607 A Launch Party in the Adirondacks  
1608 The Narrows  
1609 The 'Gator and the Pickaninny  
1610 A Gone Goose  
1611 The Imperial Limited  
1612 Accidents will Happen  
1613 The Magic Picture  
1614 Shoo Fly  
1615 The Barber's Queer Customer  
1616 Chinese Rubbernecks  
1617 How the Artist Captured the Chinese Boxers  
1618 Ghosts in a Chinese Laundry  
1619 Republican National Committee of 1900  
1620 A Dog Fight  
1621 Homer Davenport, the Cartoonist  
1622 Homer Davenport, the Cartoonist  
1623 W. J. Bryan  
1624 Lincoln Park  
1625 How the Magician got the Best of the Installment Man  
1626 Tortured by Boxers  
1627 Why Curfew did not Ring Last Night  
1628 Indiana White Caps  
1629 A Water Duel  
1630 A Water Duel  
1631 Little Sister  
1632 Love in the Suburbs  
1633 Family Troubles  
1635 Imperial Limited  
1636 Capt. Paul Boyton Feeding his Pets  
1638 The Tribulations of an Amateur Photographer  
1639 What the Bathing Girls did to the Kodak Fiend  
1640 Scene in Chinatown  
1641 Orpheum Theatre  
1642 For Ice Cream and Cake  
1643 Rolling Down Hill  
1644 The Flip-Flap Railroad  
1645 Philadelphia's Pride  
1646 Hon. B. B. Odell, Jr.  
1647 Spooks at School  
1650 Galveston Disaster  
1651 Galveston Disaster  
1652 Galveston Disaster  
1653 Galveston Disaster  
1654 Galveston Disaster  
1655 Galveston Disaster  
1656 Galveston Disaster  
1657 Above the Limit  
1658 Bryn Mawr Horse Show  
1659 Bryn Mawr Horse Show  
1662 An Ocean Flyer  
1663 Drill, Ye Tarriers, Drill!  
1664 A Joke on the Old Maid  
1665 The Kleptomaniacs  
1666 Stallion Championship  
1667 "Courier"  
1668 The Last Alarm  
1677 A Flirtation  
1679 School Fire Drill  
1680 Three Ones  
1678 On the Cleveland and Eastern Railway  
1688 Pan-American Exposition  
1689 A Visit to Baby Roger  
1690 Westminster Street  
1692 Above the Limit  
1693 Above the Limit  
1695 Showing a Giant Crane Dumping a 40-Ton Car  
1696 Fire at Tarrant & Co.'s Drug Store  
1697 Return of the Canadian Contingent  
1700 In a Chinese Restaurant  
1701 When we were Twenty-one  
1702 Two's Company  
1703 Aunt Jane's Experience with Tabasco Sauce  
1704 A Customer Drips in  
1705 Bribing the Police  
1706 The Ugly-tempered Tramp  
1707 Two Old Cronies  
1708 Art Studies  
1709 Another Demonstration of the Cliff-Guibert Fire Hose Reel, showing a Young Girl Coming from an Office, Detaching the Hose, Running with it 60 Feet, and Playing a Stream, all inside of 30 seconds  
1710 From Conneil Bluffs to Omaha  
1711 Union Pacific Fast Mail  
1713 Contrary Winds  
1714 Stop Thief!  
1715 The Evidence was Against Him  
1716 A Nymph of the Waves  
1717 Davy Jones' Locker  
1718 Neptune's Daughters  
1719 U.S. Naval Mitilia  
1720 The Iron Workers  
1721 High School Pupils  
1722 Lawrence Fire Department  
1723 At Break-Neck Speed  
1724 St. Mary's Congregation  
1725 Mill Hands  
1726 High School Pupils  
1727 Childhood's Vows  
1728 The Ghost Train  
1729 Cast up by the Waves  
1730 Rock of Ages  
1731 Launch of the "Saturn"  
1732 The War in China-Russian Sharpshooters  
1733 Russian Artillery  
1738 The War in China-Charge of Reilly's Battery  
1739 An Oriental Highway  
1740 The Taku Road  
1741 Street Scene  
1742 The War in China-Von Waldersee and Staff  
1743 The War in China-Von Waldersee's Review  
1744 The War in China-Bengal-Lancers  
1746 Li Hung Chang  
1747 Li Hung Chang  
1750 The War in China-Japanese Infantry  
1751 The War in China-British Light Artillery  
1752 The War in China-British Light Artillery  
1753 The War in China-Bombay Cavalry  
1754 The War in China-An Army Transport Train  
1755 The War in China-Coolies at Work  
1756 The War in China-Ruins of Tien-Tsin  
1757 French Bridge, Tien-Tsin  
1758 The War in China-A British Donkey Train  
1759 The French Bridge  
1760 Tien-Tsin  
1761 On the Pei-Ho  
1762 The War in China-British Rajputs  
1763 The War in China-Assault on the South Gate  
1764 A Chinese Market  
1765 The Forbidden City  
1766 The Forbidden City  
1767 Chinese Junks  
1768 Bolster Sparring  
1769 The War in China-Review of German Troops  
1770 The War in China  
1771 The War in China-The German Contingent  
1772 Boat Drill in Mid-Ocean  
1773 After a Rescue at Sea  
1774 Crew of a Pacific Liner  
1779 The War in China-Cossack Cavalry  
1781 Street in Shanghai  
1782 Street Scene in Shanghai  
1783 Street Scene, Shanghai  
1784 Sea Gulls  
1785 Shanghai from a Launch  
1786 In Old China  
1787 The War in China  
1788 The War in China-The Evacuation of Pekin  
1789 The War in China-9th Infantry, U.S.A.  
1790 Main Street, Worcester  
1791 The War in China-Fourth Ghorkhas  
1792 The War in China-The 4th Sikhs  
1793 The War in China-Charge by Lancers  
1795 The War in China-First Bengal Lancers  
1796 Second Queen's Rajputs  
1797 The War in China-The Fourth Goorkhas  
1798 Locked in the Ice  
1799 Anawanda Club  
1800 Medical Gymnastics  
1801 Medical Gymnastics  
1802 Medical Gymnastics  
1803 Moline Bag Punching Platform  
1805 Trotters at Worcester  
1806 Run of the Worcester Fire Deparment  
1807 The Second Inauguration  
1808 Fertilizing Codfish Eggs  
1810 Drawing a Lobster Pot  
1811 Unloading a Halibut Schooner  
1812 Codfishing with Trawl  
1814 Castellane-De Rodays Duel  
1815 Buffalo Bill's Wild West  
1816 Laboratory Study  
1818 Energizing Drill  
1819 Manual Training  
1820 Nature Study, the Rabbit  
1821 The High School Cadets  
1822 A Muffin Lesson  
1823 Forging  
1824 A Language Lesson  
1825 Calisthenic Drill  
1826 Deaf Mute Recitation  
1827 Dressmaking  
1828 Kindergarten Methods  
1829 Physical Training  
1830 Kindergarten Methods  
1831 Japanese Wrestling  
1832 Jui Jitsu, the Japanese Art of Self-Defense  
1834 U.S. Naval Cadets Marching in Review  
1836 Spingtime in the Park  
1837 Basket Ball  
1838 Girls Dumbbell Drill  
1839 Pole Vaulting  
1840 Club Swinging Drill  
1841 The HIgh Jump  
1842 Band and Battalion of the U.S. Indian School  
1843 Heavy Gymnastics  
1844 Carrie Nation, Saloon Smasher  
1845 Demolishing and Building up the Star Theatre  
1846a Steam Tactics  
1846b Boats under Oars  
1848 Middies Shortening Sail  
1850 A Large Haul of Fish  
1851 Bass Fishing  
1852 Unloading a Mackerel Schooner  
1853 Fulton Market  
1854 The Slippery Side  
1855 At the Setting of the Sun  
1856 The Horticultural Building  
1857 The Lover's Yarn  
1859 A Mystic Re-incarnation  
1860 A Government Test of High Explosives  
1863 Anna Held (Bast View)  
1864 Anne Held (Full Length)  
1865 An Unlucky Lover  
1866 The New Maid  
1867 Laughing Ben  
1868 In the Gypsy Camp  
1869 On the Old Plantation  
1870 The Indian Congress  
1871 U.S. National Cemetery  
1872 Beautiful Orient  
1873 Beautiful Orient  
1874 A Close Shave  
1875 A Little Piece of String  
1876 Hot Mutton Pies  
1877 A Non-union Paper Hanger  
1878 Esquimaux Dance  
1879 The Esquimaux Village  
1881 The Diskobolus  
1882 Forward  
1883 An Esquimaux Game  
1885 An April Fool Joke  
1886 An Unexpected Knockout  
1887 A Legal Hold up  
1888 You Dirty Boy-Living Pictures  
1889 Finishing Touches-Living Pictures  
1890 Waiting for Santa Claus-Living Pictures  
1891 The Pouting Model-Living Pictures  
1892 The Sleeping Child-Living Pictures  
1893 Sevillenas Dance-Pan-American Exposition  
1894 On the Midway-Pan-American Exposition  
1895 On the Midway-Pan-American Exposition  
1896 On the Midway-Pan-American Exposition  
1897 On the Midway-Pan-American Exposition  
1900 Birth of the Pearl-Living Pictures  
1901 The Bridge of Sighs-Pan-American Exposition  
1902 Fair Japan-Pan-American Exposition  
1903 Triumphal Bridge and Mirror Lake-Pan-American Exposition  
1904 Venice in America-Pan-American Exposition  
1905 On the Benches of the Park  
1906 Meandering Mike  
1907 A Ballyhoo on the Midway-Pan-American Exposition  
1908 Fountain, Tower and Basins-Pan-American Exposition  
1909 The Court of Fountains-Pan-American Exposition  
1910 Ten Nights in a Barroom, nº 2-The Murder of Willie  
1911 Ten Nights in a Barroom, nº 1-The Fatal Blow  
1912 Ten Nights in a Barroom, nº 3-Vision of Mary  
1913 Ten Nights in a Barroom, nº 4-Death of Little Mary  
1914 Ten Nights in a Barroom, nº 5-Death of Slade  
1915 Washington Bridge and the Speedway  
1916 The Heart of New York  
1918 Scene in Beautiful Orient-Pan-American Exposition  
1919 Panorama of Midway-Pan-American Exposition  
1920 The Ostrich Farm-Onthe Midway  
1921 A Patient Sufferer  
1922 A Joke on Whom?  
1923 Ham and Eggs  
1924 The Hod Carrier's Revenge  
1925 The Downfall of China  
1926 A Quick Recovery  
1927 Five Minutes to Train Time  
1928 When Stocks Went up  
1929 He Forgot his Umbrella  
1930 The Fresh Lover  
1931 Little Algy's Glorious Fourth of July  
1934 Nora's Fourth of July  
1935 A Herd of Cattle  
1936 Fish Cut  
1937 Pine Ridge Bluffs  
1938 Arrival of Train at Station  
1939 A Great Flock of Sheep  
1940 Through Gibraltar  
1941 The Overland Limited  
1942 Indian Fort, Sherman Hill Tunnel  
1943 Train Crossing Dale Creek Fill  
1944 On the Midway-Pan-American Exposition  
1945 Georgetown Loop  
1946 The Wages of Sin-The Fatal Choice  
1947 The Wages of Sin-The Murder of Bess  
1948 The Wages of Sin-The Assasin's Escape  
1949 The Wages of Sin-A Mother's Grief  
1950 A Race with the Overland Limited  
1951 Ladies Day at the Public Baths  
1952 Women of the Ghetto Bathing  
1953 Boys Free Public Baths  
1954 Boys Entering Free Bath  
1955 Saturday at the Free Baths  
1958 Landing of Cadillac  
1959 Unveiling Chair of Justice  
1960 Centennial Parade  
1961 Detroit Mail Carriers  
1962 Industrial Floats  
1963 The Campus Martins  
1964 Cutting Sugar Cane  
1965 Boys Diving  
1966 Loading Sugar Cane  
1968 Train of Sugar Cane on Way to Crusher  
1969 Steamboat Leaving for Hilo  
1970 A Flower Parade  
1973 Gathering Gladioli  
1974 Cuyahoga Gorge  
1976 Finish of Futurity  
1977 Parade to the Post  
1978 Sousa and his Band  
1980 Arrival at Falls View Station  
1981 A Close Call  
1982 The Empire Theatre  
1983 Lyttle Post of Cincinnati  
1984 Headquarters, Staff and Band, Ohio State  
1985 Farragut Naval Post. Ohio State  
1986 Chapin Post of Buffalo  
1987 The Living Flag  
1988 Capt. Schuyler Post of Philadelphia  
1989 Lambs Club, G.A.R.  
1990 McKinley Funeral-In Solemn State  
1991 President McKinley's Funeral  
1992 President McKinley's Funeral  
1994 President McKinley's Funeral  
1995 President McKinley's Funeral  
1996 President McKinley's Funeral  
1997 President McKinley's Funeral  
1998 President McKinley's Funeral  
1999 President McKinley's Funeral  
2000 Travelling Men's Association  


2001 Panoramic View of the McKinley Homstead  
2002 Funeral of President McKinley  
2003 Funeral of President McKinley  
2004 Funeral of President McKinley  
2005 Funeral of President McKinley  
2006 Funeral of President McKinley  
2007 President McKinley's Funeral  
2008 President McKinley's Funeral  
2009 President McKinley's Funeral  
2010 President McKinley's Funeral  
2011 Industrial Parade of the Cincinatti Fall Festival  
2012 Harbor of Kobe, Japan  
2013 Sampans Racing  
2014 Nihombashi St.  
2015 Ox Carts  
2016 International Track Athletic Meeting-Start and Finish of the One Mile Run  
2017 International Field Sports-Oxford-Cambridge vs. Harvard-Yale  
2018 International Field Sports-Oxford-Cambridge vs. Harvard-Yale  
2019 International Fiels Sports  
2020 International Field Sports  
2021 In Old Hong Kong  
2022 The Queen's Road  
2023 Bridge Traffic and Native Carts  
2025 Filipino Cock Fight  
2026 Shimbashi R. R. Station  
2027 Natives Leaving Church  
2028 A Japanese Railway Train  
2029 Japanese Fencing  
2030 Panorama of Water Front  
2031 Asakusa Temple  
2032 A Rickshaw Parade  
2033 International Yacht Races-Columbia vs. Shamrock  
2034 Shamrock to the Fore  
2037 Hail Columbia!  
2038 Shamrock's Start  
2039 A Near View of Shamrock II  
2040 Schooner "Idler" and Revenue Cutter "Gresham"  
2041 Steam Yacht "American"  
2042 Start of the Third Cup Race  
2043 Finish of the Third Cup Race  
2044 The Matron Stakes  
2045 Wawona Big Tree  
2046 Bridal Veil Falls  
2047 Nevada Falls  
2048 Coaching for a Record  
2050 A Perilous Proceeding  
2051 Arrival of Tongkin Train  
2052 The Chien-Men Gate  
2053 Harbor of Shanghai  
2054 A Busy Chinese Street  
2055 Coaling a Steamer  
2056 Convention of Railroad Passengers Agents  
2058 Yale Football Squad of 1901  
2061 A Mighty Tumble  
2062 A Cavalry Manoeuvre  
2063 In the Yellowstone  
2064 Coaching Party in the Yosemite  
2065 A Wonderful Waterfall  
2066 Picturesque Yosemite  
2067 Artist's Point, Yosemite Valley  
2068 Twentieth Century Flyers  
2069 The Golden Gate  
2070 Water Front of San Francisco  
2072 Expert Driving  
2073 Tally-Ho!  
2074 President Roosevelt at the Army-Navy Football Game  
2075 Army-Navy Football Game  
2076 President Roosevelt entering grounds at Army-Navy Football Game  
2079 The Beginning of a Great Enterprise  
2082 Starting a Skyscraper  
2083 Eeling through the Ice  
2084 A Spill from an Ice Yacht  
2085 A Mile a Minute on an Iced Yacht  
2086 Ice Yacht Racing on the Shrewsbury River  
2087 Great Sport! Ice Yachting  
2089 A Devastated City  
2090 The Paterson Fire  
2091 Demonstrating the Action of a Mergenthaler-Horton Basket Making Machine  
2092 Demonstrating the Action of a Mergenthaler-Horton Basket Making Machine  
2093 Quebec Fire Department on Sleds  
2095 What ho, she Bumps  
2096 Amateur Ski Jumpers  
2097 Dog Sleighing  
2098 Over the Crust  
2099 A Husky Dog Team  
2100 Toboggan Slide  
2101 Run of a Snow Shoe Club  
2102 Bouncing  
2103 A Big Blaze  
2105 The Royal Salute  
2106 Battleship "Illinois"  
2107 Welcome Prince Henry !  
2108 Docking a Liner  
2109 The "Hohenzollern"  
2110 Prince Henry of Germany  
2111 Prince Henry  
2112 Launch of "Meteor III"  
2113 "Meteor III" Afloat  
2114 Prince Henry and President's Party  
2115 Prince Henry  
2116 Prince Henry  
2120 Ferryboat  
2121 B. F. Keith's New Million Dollar Theatre  
2122 When the Cat's Away, the Mice will Play  
2126 Trial Trip of "Meteor"  
2128 Demonstrating the Action of an Agnew Mailing Machine  
2129 Pontoon Bridge Building  
2133 Installation Ceremonies, Columbia University  
2135 Street Scene  
2136 Street Scene  
2138 Scene on Lower Broadway  
2139 On the Speedway  
2140 the Speedway Parade  
2141 The Creators of "Foxy Grandpa"  
2142 A Poet's Revenge  
2143 A Private Supper at Heller's  
2144 They found the Leak  
2145 Foxy Grandpa-Series  
2146 Foxy Grandpa-Series  
2147 Foxy Grandpa-Series  
2148 Foxy Grandpa-Series  
2149 Foxy Grandpa-Series  
2150 Foxy Grandpa-Series  
2151 On a Milk Diet  
2151 Foxy Grandpa-Series  
2153 The Summer Exodus  
2154 Over the Rail  
2155 Lower New York  
2157 Daly, of West Point  
2161 Eva Tanguay  
2162 The Suburban of 1902  
2163 A Picture from "Puck"  
2164 The Light That Didn't Fail  
2169 Alphonse and Gaston  
2170 A Sweet Little Home in the Country  
2171 The Polite Frenchman  
2172 The Biograph's Improved Incubator  
2173 The Accommodating Cow  
2174 Milking Time on the Farm  
2175 The Lover's Knot  
2176 Will he Marry the Girl?  
2177 A Seashore Gymkana  
2178 A Tub Race  
2179 Belles of the Beach  
2181 The Photographer's Fourth of July  
2182 The Sleeper  
2183 Uncle Pete's Pipe; a Tragedy of the Glorious Fourth  
2184 A Little Busy-Body  
2185 The Infant Terrible  
2186 A Little Man  
2187 The Smoking Lamp  
2188 In a Manicure Parlor  
2189 No Liberties, Please  
2190 A Delusion  
2192 Thro' Hell Gate  
2193 The New Typewriter  
2194 Wrinkles Removed  
2195 In a Massage Parlor  
2196 Mischievous Willie's Rocking Chair Motor  
2197 Grandpa's Reading Glass  
2198 Sweethearts  
2199 At the Fountain  
2200 Rex's Bath  
2201 Shut Up  
2203 Around the Mulberry Bush  
2204 Water Nymphs  
2205 A Lawn Party  
2206 Wash Day  
2207 A Gentleman Burglar  
2209 Floral Chair Parade  
2211 Caught in the Undertow  
2212 A Heavy Surf at Atlantic City  
2213 The Beach at Atlantic City  
2214 Baby Parade  
2215 Demonstrating the Action of an Altman-Taylor Clover Huller  
2216 Demonstrating the Action of an Altman-Taylor Threshing Machine  
2223 A Representation of a Rehearsal of the Coronation of their Majesties King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra  
2357 Run of the N.Y. City Fire Dept.  
2362 I Want My Dinner  
2377 Corbett-McGovern Fight  
2378 Down the Bamboo Slide  
2418-2420 The American Soldier in Love and War  
2426 Catch-as-Catch-Can Wrestling Bout  
2427 The Unfaithful Wife-"The Lover"  
2428 The Unfaithful Wife-"The Fight"  
2429 The Unfaithful Wife-"Murder and Suicide"  
2433 A Search for Evidence  
2442 The Kidnapper.-"At Work"  
2443 The Kidnapper.-"In the Den"  
2444 The Kidnapper.-"The Rescue"  
2446 The Wages of Sin. A-" "Murder"  
2447 The Wages of Sin. B-"Retribution"  
2479 A Fatal Attempt to Loop-the-Loop on a Bicycle  
2497 What are the Wild Waves Saying, Sister?  
2499 The Sand Fort  
2500 The Sand Baby  


2563 Representation of Jeffries-Corbett Fight  
2567 Weighing the Baby  
2610 Kit Carson  
2611 The Pioneers  
2626 Toodles and her Strawberry Tart  
2636 Feeding the Llamas  
2637 The Dancing Bear  
2638 An Impartial Lover  
2646 Toodles' Tea Party  
2647 Toodles Recites a Recitation  
2683 Harvard vs. Pennsylvania  
2685 A Juvenile Elephant Trainer  
2714 Love and Jealousy Behind the Stage  
2805 The Great Baltimore Fire  
2845 Rapid Fire Drill  
2846 Battle of the Yalu nº 4  
2847 Battle of the Yalu nº 2  
2848 The Battle of the Yalu nº 3  
2855 Battle of the Yalu nº 1  
2864 Out in the Street  
2925 Running of the Brooklyn Handicap, 1904  
2931 Auto Boat Race on the Hudson  
2932 Slocum Disaster  
2933 Holland Submarine Boat Test  
2935 Speed Test of the Boat "Tarantula"  
2937 Panorama of Race Track at St. Louis  
2939 The Moonshiners  
2940 Automobiling Among the Clouds  
2942 Coaching in the White Moutains  
2943 A Light-Weight Contest on the Beach  
2944 A Seashore Baby  
2945 The Swimming Class  
2946 Beyond the Danger Line  
2947 Alone  
2948 The Racing Chutes at Dreamland  
2949 The First Baby  
2950 Fighting the Flames-Dreamland  
2953 Two Bottle Babies  
2954 The Children in the Surf  
2955 The Baby and the Puppies  
2958 Coney Island Police Patrol  
2961 A Swimming Race at Coney Island  
2968 The Hero of Liao-Yang  
2971 The Great International Automobile Race for the Vanderbilt Cup  
2982 Automobile Races at Ormonde, Fla.  
2992 The Nihilists  
2993 Midwinter Bathing  


3005 The Wedding   
3010 Spirit of '76  
3011 Oslerizing Papa  
3013 Al Treleor in Muscle Exercises  
3019 Gee, If me Mudder Could See me Now  
3020 The Athletic Girld and the Burglar  
3029 THL Deadwood Sleeper  
3034 Reuben in the Subway  
3036 A Saturday Afternoon With the New York Athletic Club at Traver's Island  
3038 Between the Dances  
3039 The Wine Opener  
3040 The Two Topers  
3041 A Ballroom Tragedy  
3042 Under the Bamboo Tree  
3043 A Pipe Dream  
3044 Lifting the Lid  
3055 The Firebug  
3056 The Mutiny on the Potemkin  
3057 Mother's Angel Child  
3058 Mobilization of the Massachusetts State Troops  
3062 Departure of Peary for the North Pole  
3068 The Summer Boarders  
3069 A German Torpedo Boat in Action  
3071 The River Pirates  
3073 The Leap Frog Railway  
3085 The Horse Thief  
3085 Ludlow's Aero-Plane  
3087 A German Warship in a Heavy Sea  
3088 The Course of True Love  
3089 A Moose Hunt in New Brunswick  
3090 Fun on the Joy Line  
3091 The Dream of the Race Track Fiend  
3093 The Great Jewel Mystery  
3094 Salmon Fishing on the Nepissiguit River  
3095 Trout Fishing at the Rangely Lakes  
3096 Country Courtship  
3106 A Kentucky Feud  
3109 The Barnstormers  
3111 Climbing the American Alps  
3114 Quail Shooting at Pinehurst  
3115 Deer Stalking with a Camera  
3116 Wild Turkey Shooting in Virginia  
3122 A Coal Strike  
3125 The Impossible Convicts  
3126 The Henpecked Husband  
3131 Simple Life  
3132 Everybody Works But Mother  
3134 The Streets of New York  
3135 The Jolly Monks of Malabar  
3137 The Insurance Solicitor  
3138 A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed  
3148 The Silver Wedding  
3150 The Black Hand  
3159 Society Ballooning  
3161 San Francisco  
3164 Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius  
3197 23  
3203 The Paymaster  
3212 Looking for John Smith  


5016 The Giant Constantin  
5020 Bridge of Alexander III  
5023 A Parisian Ballet  
5024 French Boxers  
5061 From Monte Carlo to Monaco  
5062 From Monte Carlo to Monaco  
5063 The Train to Villefranche  
5064 Beautiful Beaulieu  
5072 A Dance by Kanaka Indians  
5073 Georges J. Marck and his Lions  
5074 Georges Marck and his Lions  
5075 Arrival of Major Marchand from the Soudan  
5092 An Automobile Parade in the Tuilleries Gardens  
5093 An Automobile Parade in the Tuilleries Gardens  
5094 The Longchamps Palace  
5095 On the Marseilles Tramway  
5098 The Old Port of Marseilles  
5099 Allegorical Procession  
5102 M. Le Comte De Dion  
5107 Captain Dreyfus  
5121 A Water Carnival  
5161 The Abbe and the Colonel  
5173 The Valiant Pig  
5174 The Valiant Pig  
5201 Paris Exposition  
5202 Paris Exposition  
5203 Paris Exposition  
5204 Paris Exposition  
5209 The Bon Vivant  
5251 Paris Exposition  
5260 Paris Exposition  
5261 Paris Exposition  
5262 Moving Platforms, at the Paris Exposition  
5264 The Champs Elysees  
5280 Paris Exposition  
5283 Paris Exposition  
5300 Paris Exposition  
5303 Paris Exposition  
5305 Paris Exposition  
5306 Paris Exposition  
5307 A Dog's Cemetery  
5342 Oom Paul  
5345→5356 Ten Minutes at Monte Carlo  
5357 A French Bicycle Corps  
5362 Paris Exposition  
5368 King Edward VII at the Birthday Celebration of the King of Denmark  
5369 The Children of the Czar  
5370 Promenade of the Kings  
5371 Rulers of Half the World  
5374 Jo Jo, the Dog Faced Boy  
5375 The India-Rubber Man  
5377 Zip  
5358 Mr. Oldsport's Umbrella  
5359 A Mis-Adventure  
5372 Prize-Winning Trip of the Santos-Dumont Airship nº 6  
10010 Emperor William of Germany on Horseback  
10011 Emperor and Empress of Germany  
10013 Launching of the "Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse  
10014 The Emperor and Empress and Crown Prince of Germany  
10018 King Albert of Saxony  
10019 Launch of the "Koenig Albert"  
10024 Rare Fish in an Aquarium  
10025 German Railway Service  
10027 When the Bugle Sounds "Charge!"  
10028 With Emperor William's Army  
10029 German Lancers  
10031 A Blast in a Gravel Bed  
10035 Fun on a Sand Hill  
10036 German Cavalry Fording a River  
10037 Calling the Pigeons  
10041 In a German Bath  
10056 Panoramic View of the Harbour of Hamburg, Germany  
10057 A Panoramic View of the Harbor of Hamburg, Germany  
10063 Berlin Fire Department  
10066 A Run by the Berlin Fire Department, Berlin, Germany  
10068 Emperor William II  
10069 Emperor William II  
10078 German Military Exercises  
10079 The Attack  
10080 German Cavalry Leaping Hurdles  
10084 Be Good Again  
10085 The Rivals  
10086 Visit to Emperor Francis Josef of Austria to Berlin  
10087 German Garde Kurassiers  
10088 Battleship "Odin"; all Guns Firing  
10092 A German Torpedo Boat Flotilla in Action  
10095 Torpedo Boat "G-89"  
10098 Aboard the "Egir"  
10100 Between the Decks  
10101 A Flying Wedge  
10103 On Board His Majesty's Gunboat "Luchs"  
10104 On Board His Majesty's Battleship "Fuerst-Bismark"  
10105 German Artillery in Action  
10112 Fun in a Clothes Basket  
10108 Field-Marshal Count Von Waldersee  
10115 The Bogie Man  
10116 The Children and the Frog  
10117 An Unwelcome Visitor  
10119 In the Friedrichstrasse  
10120 Emperor William II on Horseback  
10121 Winter in Germany  
10122 Panoramic View of the Siegesallee  
10123 Bi-Centennial Jubilee Parade  
10125 A Mermaid Dance  
10126 In the Heart of the Forest  
10130 Dedication of the Alexander Grenadier's Barracks  
10132 The Crown Prince of Germany  
10135 Clever Horsemanship  
10136 Marvelous Markmanship  
10137 A Hurdle Race  
10138 Panoramic View From the Stadtbahn  
10139 The Elephant's Bath  
10140 Children Playing with Lion Cubs  
10141 The Baby's Meal  
10142 The Gourmand  
10143 Unveiling of the Birmarck Monument  
10152 Banks of the Elbe  
10155 On the Elbe  
10157 A Rescue at Sea  
10158 German Navy Target Practice  
10160 Sailing of Battleship "Wurtemberg"  
10161 Return of the German China Fleet  
10162 Panorama of Wilhelmshaven  
10163 Funeral Procession of the late Empress Frederick  
10164 A Tug of War  
10166 Emperor William at the Danzig Manoeuvres  
10167 Emperor William Returning from Manoeuvres  
10168 Empress of Germany Driving to the Manoeuvres  
10169 Empress of Germany at Danzig  
10170 Prince Tsung of China  
10172 Emperor William as a Hussar  
10176 Ganswindt's Flying Machine  
10183 Elevated and Underground  
10191 The Flying Train  
10196 When Knighthood was in Flower  
10197 The Emperor and Empress of Germany