Chirgwin plays a Scotch Reel



Chirgwin (Pipes)

Do. showing the sword-dance executed by tobacco-pipes.

PAU 1896


Chirgwin plays a Scotch Reel with tobacco pipes.

PAU 1897-01

Chirgwin plays a Scothch Reel

PAU 1897-03


1 Paul 19 (1896), 21 (1897)  
2 Robert-William Paul Chirgwin
WHEN Chirgwin gets to Melbourne he will be surprised to find that Carl Hertz has been showing him as an animated photograph-an excellent form of advertisement-to the Antipodeans. Mr Paul, the well-known inventor and practical worker of animated photography, has supplied Carl Hertz with the Chirgwin film. The white-eyed one writes in a cheery spirit from Naples. He says –“Everything has passed off well; a most lovely voyage so far. Myself, wife, daughter, and champion boy are all in splendid health."
The Era, London, 31 October 1896, 19.
3 ≤ 31/10/1896 40 f
4 Grande-BretagneLondres