PART 1. General Outline of a Soldier's Life
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Joining the Army Training at the Regimental Depôt Life at the Regimental Depôt Camp Life at Aldershot
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Firing at the Ranges Incidents of Camp Life Army Gymnastics Leaving the Army
PAR 2. Training in the Various Branches of the Service    
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Training Cavalry Horses The Cavalry Depôt, Canterbury Cavalry Exercises Royal Army Medical Corps
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Royal Horse Artillery, Woolwich Army Service Corps Royal Garrison Artillery
(Old Style)
Royal Garrison Artillery
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Quick-Firing Guns Infantry Royal Engineers Royal Engineers
1900 al 021a
Royal Engineers (Submarine Miners)



PAU 1903-06


1 Paul  
2 Robert W. Paul

3 ≤ 18/09/1900  
4 Grande-Bretagne  


03/11/1900 Grande-BretagneNorwich
Walter R. Booth Army Life
05/11/1900 Grande-BretagneIpswich Walter R. Booth A Soldier's Life
07/11/1900 Grande-Bretagne, Colchester Walter R. Booth Army Life
27/11/1900 Grande-Bretagne, Leamington Walter R. Booth Army Life
03/12/1900 Grande-Bretagne, Kettering Walter R. Booth Army Life