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L'Army Life de Robert-William Paul (décembre 1900)

Walter R. Booth, après avoir travaillé avec David Devant pendant deux saisons, se retrouve désormais avec le cinématographiste et éditeur de films, Robert-William Paul. L'équipe qui vient de présenter son spectacle à Leamington arrive à Kettering où tout un programme est présenté au Corn Exchange le lundi 3 décembre 1900 :

"Army Life."—A large and interested audience assembled in the Corn Exchange on Monday evening, when Mr. R. W. Paul opened two-nights' engagement with his original entertainment, entitled “Army Life”; or, “How Soldiers are Made." This takes the form of a series of animatograph pictures with explanatory introductions, depicting the life a soldier in barracks, camp, and field, and the work of each branch of the army. The scenes commence with photograph of the recruit joining the colours, and show the various stages of his training. There are also very realistic photographs of cavalry charges, of the firing of mines, the building of bridges engineers; and, generally speaking, the spectator obtains from the representation an idea of army life that he not get from a most extensive reading of army literature. The entertainment closes with views of the return of the C.I.V.'s, and of her Majesty reviewing the troops in Phoenix Park. At intervals Mr. Walter R. Booth introduced some good ventriloquism and conjuring business, and Mr. Oldbury Brough gave a humorous recital describing a chority concert. The entertainment is thoroughly deserving of a large house this evening.

Northants Evening Telegraph, Tuesday 04 December 1900, 2.

Les spectateurs ont non seulement la chance d'assister à une soirée exceptionnelle avec la longue série d'Army Life, mais également d'apprécier d'autres vues récentes. L'équipe est toujours formée par Booth et Oldbury Brough.