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Topeka est une ville de l'état du Kansas (États-Unis).



L'eidoloscope (Grand Opera House, 29 janvier 1897)

En provenance de Lawrence, Rosabel Morrison est en tournée avec une nouvelle adaptation de Carmen, oeuvre de Proper Mérimée, dont l'originalité consiste à inclure, lors de la représentation la célèbre Bull Fight tournée au Mexique par Gray Latham :

The play which formed an admirable piece for the English actress. Olga Nethersole, and as produced by her caused no end of comment, will be seen for the first time in this city at the Grand tonight. The story of "Carmen" was written by Prosper Merimee. a member of the French National Academy, nearly a half century ago, and soon after its appearance was converted by Bizet into the libretto of an opera. With this opera, theatergoers all over the United States are more or less familiar, but in the west at least, the dramatic production is comparatively new. In the production which comes to the Grand tonight. Miss Rosabel Morrison takes the title role, supported by Edward Eisner, for years the leading man of her father's company. In the last act of the piece a Spanish bull fight will be reproduced on canvass by means of the eidoloscope.

The Topeka State Journal, Topeka, Friday, January 29, 1897, p. 8.

topeka eidoloscope 1897

The Topeka State Journal, Topeka, 26 janvier 1897, p. 7.

topeka grand opera house

Masonic Block et Grand Opera House (1905)

La troupe se rend ensuite à St.-Joseph.