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The Vintners' Festival

Vevey, 1905

Being a complete pictorial account of the remarkable "Fête des Vignerons," at Vevey, Switzerland.


1 Charles Urban Trading Co 3087-3093  
2 n.c.  
3 04-11/08/1905  
4 SuisseVevey  
La Fête des vignerons (Warwick)  


17/11/1905 Grande-BretagneLondres Charles Urban Vintner's Festival of the Four Seasons 
For presentation at the Alhambra on and after Monday night next, Mr. Charles Urban has exclusively secured an animated pictorial record of the quaint and extremely interesting pageant, "Le Fête des Vignerons" (or Vintners' Festival of the Four Seasons), which is celebrated at Vevey, in Switzerland, only four times in a century. Of this curious autumnal festival, of medieval origin, and in the observance of which the Confederated Cantons periodically spend some £40,000, " Urbanora " is the sole exponent—nor can any similar representation of this old-world survival of a Continental custom be put before the London public for many years to come.
Music-Hall and Theatre Review, London, Friday 17 November 1905, p. 10.


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The Era, London, Saturday 18 November 1905, p. 29.