Les filiales britanniques de l'American Mutoscope and Biograph Co

Jean-Claude SEGUIN



Mutoscope and Biograph Syndicate (1897-1899)

Afin de pouvoir s'implanter en Grande-Bretagne, l'American Mutoscope and Biograph Co va mettre en place une filiale, la Mutoscope and Biograph Syndicate, Limited. La société est constituée en juillet 1897. Ses activités sont résumées dans le document suivant :

[...] The Mutoscope and Biograph Syndicate, Limited. That registered in July, 1897, with the intention, as stated in its Prospectus, of demonstrating the commercial value of the Biograph and Mutoscope on a sumetent scale to justify the formation of a public Company to fully develop them.
The Biograph and Mutoscope are two inventions for the reproduction of objects in motion. The negatives of views for use in both are produced by the Mutograph, a camera by which from 3,000 to 4,000 separate photographs can be taken per minute. The Biograph is for exhibition at public places of entertainment, where life-size views are thrown on a screen. The Mutoscope is an application of the same principle for the use individuals by means of a small and ingenious instrument. By simply turning a handle all the marvellous effects of the Biograph are produced on a smaller scale. The Mutoscope can be used in private houses or in public halls, clubs, and places of amusement.
There is but little doubt that the great future in photography lies in the direction of depicting scenes with the object and persons in motion. An enormous field is open for the development on this art. Through the organization already in operation throughout  the United Kingdom, which is protected by the patent rights acquired in this purchase, this Company will enjoy the results of the discoveries made and improvements continually being made by the gilled men who have brought to the present state of perfection the art of animated photography as demonstrated in the Blograph and Mutoscope.
The biograph was first exhibited in England on the 20th March. 1897, at the Palace Theatre, Shaftesbury-avenue, London, where, consequence of its great popularity, it has run without intermission to the present time, and may still be seen nightly. An instance of what can be done by the Biograph occurred on the 27th of October, when Sir Herbert Kitchener was photographed with the Mutograph as he went down the gangway on to the steamer at Calais, and again on his landing Dover about four o'clock. The films were brought to London and the scenes reproduced the same evening to a crowded auditorium at the Palace Theatre. These scenes were also exhibited to the public on the Mutoscope in the same week. Motionless pictures of the notable events of the world are always eagerly sought after the public in every country. The rapid growth and increasing popularity of the illustrated daily, weekly, and monthly periodicals bear testimony to this fact. The public may now have before them these scenes, with every movement of the face, every gesture ot the actors, faithfully reproduced. The Biograph and the Mutoscope are not therefore novelties which are likely to hit the public taste for the moment and then fall into disuse. As an example of the striking historical value the pictures will possess may be instanced the fact that His Holiness Pope Leo XIII, has recently given repeated sittings in the Vatican and adjoining gardens.
This Company is formed to acquire:—
The leasehold Premises consisting of Offices, Workshops, Laboratory, etc., at 18 and 19, Great Windmill-street, W., at which the business is carried on.
The Plant, Stock-in-Trade, Furniture, and Fittings thereat and elsewhere.
The Patent Rights of the Biograph, Mutoscope, and Mutograph, and all improvements by the patentees therein.
The interest of the Mutoscope and Biograph Syndicate (Limited) in various forms of Parlour Kinetoscopes.
The various Licenses and Trade Contracts.
The benefit, as from 31st August last, of the various contracts, subject to any liabilities connected therewith, entered into with ten subsidiary Companies, as set out below, and the Shares in such Companies allotted or to be allotted.
These Companies, as licensees, have the sole right to exhibit the Mutoscope with penny-in-the-slot attachment within a given district. In no case is the machine sold. A license fee of £20 per Mutoscope agreed to paid, together with annual rental of £1 per machine. Each subsidiary Company also allots to the Syndicate as fully paid at least one-third of its share capital. The following Companies have already been formed, and are in active operation, the contract in each case having been made with the Syndicate:
Date of Contract      Title of Company                                   Machines contracted for   Delivery extending to               Share Capital issued
Feb.  1898.              London and District                               2,000                                 June, 1899                              £75,000
Feb.  1898.              Scottish                                                 1,000                                  Sept. 1899                                33,000
April  1898.              Manchester and Salford                           500                                  Sept. 1899                                18,000
April  1898.              Birmingham                                              500                                  Sept. 1899                                18,000
May  1898               Irish                                                           800                                 June  1899                                27,000
Aug.  1898              Isle of Man                                                250                                  June  1899                                11,000
Sept. 1898              North Wales                                              250                                  Aug., 1899                                  7,500
Oct.   1898              South Wales and Monmouthshire            400                                   Aug., 1899                                15,000
Nov.  1898              Blackpool and Southport                          300                                   Aug., 1899                                  9,000
Jan.  1899              South Coast                                            2,000                                  Aug. 1899                                 75,000
                              (comprising Hants, Sussex, Kent)                                                                                                           
                                                                                          ________                                                                          _________
                                                                                              8,000                                                                                £288,500
The contracts, when carried out, will produce a cash profit of £85,000, and shares par value in subsidiary Companies to the extent of £85,000, besides an annual rental of £8,000. To these must be added the profit from the Biograph, which for the fifteen months ending 31st August, 1898, amounted, according to the certified accounts of the syndicate, to £7,663 11s. 2d. or at the rate of £6,100 per annum.

Further subsidiary Companies about to be formed will, when completed, in addition, take at least 6,000 machines, and yield cash profit £65,000, with shares at par value to the amount of £54,000, and rental of £6,000 per annum, or
Cash profit from licenses available for distribution amongst the shareholders or development of the business         £150,000
Shares in subsidiary Companies at par value                                                                                                               139,000
A distribution of the estimated cash profit from license fees would amount to a dividend of 60 per cent, on the share capital of this Company, whilst the Directors consider that the following annual profits may relied on :
Annual rental of 14,000 coin-operated machines                                                                                                          £14,000
Dividend at 10 per cent, payable on £139,000 share capital in subsidiary companies                                                   13,900
Biograph profits per annum certified                                                                                                                                 6,100
or 131/2 per cent. on the present issue of capital.

The following dividends have been declared by the subsidiary Companies above tabulated on the basis of 5s. per share having been paid up for the time being:  Scottish Company, first quarter, 30 per cent, per annum ; second quarter, 40 per cent, per annum ; third quarter, 50 per cent, per annum. Birmingham, first half-year, 50 per cent, per annum. Isle of Man, first quarter-year, 25 per cent, per annum. London, first nine months, 30 per cent, per annum. Ireland, first half-year, 10 per cent, per annum. The earnings of the other Companies justify the Directors in anticipating that they will be able to declare similar dividends.
No provision has been made in the above calculation for management or directors’ fees, as the profits to accrue from the manufacture and sale of subjects, the Studios, the sale of Parlour Mutoscopes and Kinora, and the general business of the Company will, it may safely said, more than cover the same.
Mr. E. B. Koopman, the Managing Director, under whose direction the business has been conducted the present time, has agreed to undertake a similar position with this Company on terms partly dependent on the profits to made. Having regard to the capacity, enterprise, and energy with which the business has been conducted, the Directors are fortunate in having secured a continuance of the present successful management.
Searches have been made as to patents relating to Mutograph and Biograph Messrs. Ivans, Jackson, and Co., of London. These were laid before J. Fletcher Moulton, Esq., Q.C., and Dr. Lewis Edmunds, Q.C., whose favourable opinions are in each case unqualined.
As to the Mutoscope patents, which are the most important, searches have been made by William Fairweather, Esq., Patent Agent, of  Glasgow, and Messrs, Bromhead and Co. Patent Agents, of London, also by Dugald Clerk, Esq., of  London. These have been laid before same counsel, whose opinion thereon is as follows:
"Upon the material submitted to us we are ol opinion that the patent Herman Casler, Nº 14,439 of 1895, for 'devices for showing the changing position of a body or bodies action,' is valid and would upheld it contested in legal proceedings.
12th January 1899
St James's Gazette, Saturday 11 February 1899, p. 16.

 La formation de la nouvelle société, The British Mutoscope and Biograph Company conduit à la dissolution de la Mutoscope and Biograph Syndicate : 

In the Matter of the Mutoscope and Biograph Syndicate, Limited.
At an Extraordinary General Meeting of the above-named Company, duly convened and held at 18 and 19, Great Windmill-street, London, W. on the 27th day of February, 1899, the following Special Resolution was duly passed ; and at a subsequent Extraordinary General Meeting of the Members of the said Company, also duly convened and held at the same place, on Wednesday, the 15th day of March, 1899, the following resolution was duly confirmed, viz. :— 
"That the Company be wound up voluntarily."
And at such last-mentioned Meeting Elias Bernard Koopman, of 18 and 19, Great Windmill-street, London, W., Frederick Theodore Macdonnell, of 2, New-court, Lincoln's-inn, W.C., Edward Hudson, of 83, Southwark-street, S.E., James Henry Dalziel, of Whitehall-court, S.W., and William Thomas Smedley, of 119, Ashley-gardens, S.W., were appointed Liquidators for the purposes of the winding-up.—Dated this 23rd day of March, 1899. 

The London Gazette, London, March 28, 1899, p. 2110. 

The Scottish Mutoscope Company Limited (février 1898->1898

The Scottish Mutoscope Company Limited est constituée en février 1898 :

The Scottish Mutoscope Company, Limited. This Company is formed with a capital of £33.000, divided into 33,000 shares of £1 each, of which 22,000 are now offered for subscription. The object of this Company is to acquire for Scotland the exclusive control of the penny-in-the-slot mutoscope. The published prospectus says:— The Company acquires its rights from the Mutoscope and Biograph Syndicate, Limited, who hold the patents for Great Britain, upon the following terms: —Upon delivery of each mutoscope, with subject complete for use, license fee of to be paid, with an annual rental of £1. The Company will also allot to the licensers one-third of the capital of the Company, viz.. £11,000 in 11.000 shares of £1 each, issued as fully paid up. While it is obvious that Scotland could profitably employ many more than 1000 mutoscopes, yet that number is all that the parent syndicate asks to be taken in order to acquire the exclusive control for the whole of Scotland, and will supply mutoscopes on the following terms : —Payment of the license fee and annual rental against delivery of each penny-inthe-slot mutoscope —1000 mutoscopes, license fee, £20 each, £20,000; working capital, £2000 £22.000. Fully-paid shares to parent syndicate, £11,000 —£33,000. Estimated earnings, 1000 mutoscopes, operating 300 days at the low figure of 2s per day, £30.000; less per cent, for working expenses liberal allowance), £10,000 leaving net income of £20,000, being equal to per cent, on the present total capitalisation.

Dundee Courier, Dundee, Saturday 19 February 1898, p. 3.

scottish mutoscope 1898 prospectus

Dundee Courier, Dundee, samedi 19 février 1898, p. 1.

The Isle of Man Mutoscope Company Ltd (1898->1898)

The Isle of Man Mutoscope Company est crée en août 1898 :

On Wednesday, 20th inst., at Noon.
Mutoscope Company, Ltd,
(Incorporated under the Companies Acts, 1862 to 1890).
CAPITAL - - £11,000.
Divided into 11,000 Shares of £1 each.
Of which 6,500 are now offered for Subscription.
Payable-2s on Application, 2s. on Allotment, and the balance by Calles not exceeding %s. per Share at intervals of not less than two months.
The whole Capital offered for Subscription has been over applied for privately, but the Directors desire to atford local investors an opportunity of receiving a portion of the allotment.
Directors : Thomas Jenkins, E-q., Director Scotttish Mutoscope Co., Ltd., Glasgow.
Ex-Bailie Peter Burt, J.P., Acme Machine Company, Glasgow.
Walter J.Brown, Esq. North View. Douglas Chairman of the Mona Automatic Supply Co.. Limited.
David Clark, Esq., Peveril House, Douglas, director Douglas Steam Ferries, Limited.
Two Members of the Board of the Parent Co. will join after alotment.
Bankers :
The Clydesdale Bank. Ltd., Moore Place Branch, West George-street, Glasgow ; and other Branches.
Solicitous : Wilson k Chalmers, 129, St. Vincent street, Glasgow.
Auditors : J. Berrie Brown & Hunter, Accountants, 196, St. Vincent-street, Glasgow.
Secretaries : Davies, Tait & Co., Chartered Accountants, Glasgow and London.
Offices :
168, St. Vincent-street, Glasgow.
This Company is being formed to acquire from the Vendors the exclusive control in the Isle of Man of the Penny in the Slot Mutoscope, together with a working arrangement for exhibition of the Biograph.
The Mutoscope is an instrument not unlike a stereoscope in appearance, and is the latest and most perfect invention in the art of producing animated photographic pictures. Attempts in this direction have hitherto been made by means of cumbersome and complicated mechanism, with very unsatisfactory results. The Mutoscope is simplicity itself, and yet presents views with a steadiness and distinctness, so that although the eye may behold thousands of successive pictures, they are presented with such evenness as to give the effect of one continuous scene.
The Biograph can be seen nightly at the Palace Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W.C., and is earning for itself a reputation as an endless source of interest and amusement to the public.
Equipped with a penny-in-the-slot attachment, the Mutoscope becomes a most seductive and untiring money-earner. A penny is inserted : the spectator from that moment achieves entire of control of the apparatus by means of a handle which regulates the speed of the picture according to the rapidity with which it is turned, until the entire scene contained has passed before the eye. The fascination of the view can only be realized by actual experience
Its fitness for general distribution and its small size admit of its being placed anywhere, and its thorough simplicity of operation gives it an earning capacity far beyond any entertainment device before the public. It appeals to the public in their leisure, and, by its variety of entertainment, attracts all classes, old and young, educated and illiterate.
This Company acquires its rights on the following terms from the Mutoscope & Biograph Syndicate, Limited, proprietors of the Paten's for Great Britain, viz : — On delivery of each Mutoscope with pictures complete for use, a license fee of £20 to be paid, with an annual Royalty of £1 per machine. This Company will allot to the Licensors 4,500 Shares of £1 each, issued as fully paid up.
The Scottish Mutoscope Company on similar lines has just been formed, to operate 1,000 Mutoscopes, with a capital of £33.000. in Shares of £1 each. The Shares were applied for nearly twice over, and, with 5s paid up, are being dealt in at a premium of from 6s to 8s 6d. After two-and-a-half months' trading, this Company paid a dividend at the rate of 30 per cent, per annum on the capital paid up.
The £1 Shares of a kindred Company for the city of Birmingham, recently formed, 5s paid up, are quoted at 5s premium.
The validity of the British Patents for the Mutoscope has been satisfactorily advised on by Mr Fletcher Moulton, Q.C., whose opinion, together with the report of the Patent Agent there on, to the Mutoscope and Biograph Syndicate, Limited, can be seen on application at the Office of the Solicitors to the Company.
The Draft Agreement to be entered into between the Mutoscope & Biograph syndicate, Limited, and this Company, together with the Memorandum and Articles of Association, can be inspected at the Offices of the Solicitors.
Applications for Shares should be made on the forms, which may be had from the local Directors; or application may be made direct to the secretaries.
The Mutoscope may be seen in operation at the Douglas Head Hotel.

Isle of Man Times, Saturday 9 July 1898, p. 1.

The South Wales and Monmouthshire Mutoscope Company (1898->1898)

British Mutoscope and Biograph Company (1899-> 1899)



001 Finish of the English Derby of 1897  
002 Arrival of H.R.H. the Prince of Wales at Ascot  
003 Departure of H.R.H. the Prince of Wales from Ascot  
004 The Race for the Ascot Gold cup  
005 Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee Procession: The Horse Guard  
006 Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee Procession: Queen's Jubilee  
007 Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee Procession: Queen's Jubilee  
008 Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee Procession: Sir Wilfed Laurier and the New South Wales Lancers  
009 The Diamond Jubilee Naval Review: German Warship at Spithead  
010 The Diamond Jubilee Naval Review: H.M. Battleship "Terrible"  
011 The Diamond Jubilee Naval Review: H.M.S. Powerful at Spithead  
012 The Diamond Jubilee Naval Review: The Koh-I-Noor with the Colonial Guests  
013 The Diamond Jubilee Naval Review: The Naval Review at Spithead  
014 Charles Morton  
015 Afternoon Tea in the Gardens of Clarence House  
016 The Clarence House Lawn Party  
017 Relieving the Guard at St. James Palace  
018 The Prince of Wales Leaving Marlborough House  
019 The Diamond Jubilee Review at Aldeshot, Showing H.R.H. the Princess of Wales Taking Snapshots  
020 The Military Review at Aldershot: The Prince of Wales and a Regiment of Lancers on Parade  
021 The Military Review at Aldershot: The Coldstream  
022 The Military Review at Alderhost: Gordon Highlanders  
023 The Henley Regata  
024 The Eclipse Stakes, Sandown Park  
025 The Prince of Wales  
026 Firing the Maxim Gun  
027 Hiram Maxim and his Quick-Firing Gun  
028 Her Majesty's Carriage  
029 Charge d'un escadron du 27e Dragons contre une batterie du 11e Régl.  
030 Charge par escadrons, exécutée par le 1er Régt. de cuirassiers  
031 L'assaut d'un mur (École de gymnastique de Joinville)  
032 Passage des portuqes (École de gymnastique de Joinville)  
033 Place dela Concorde  
034 Place de l'Opéra  
035 Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria  
036 Emperor William of Germany and Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria  
037 Meeting of Emperor William of Germany and Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria  
038 Austrian Mounted Police  
039 A Camp of Zingaree Gupsies  
040 Changing Guard (Berlin)  
041 Charge of Austrian Hussars  
042 A Children's Carnival in Germany  
043 Home Life of a Hungarian Family  
044 Hungarian Women Plucking Geese  
045 The Nelson Column as it Appeared on Thursday, october 21st 1897  
046 Bayonet Versus Bayonet  
047 Gordon Highlanders-Alarm and Response  
048 Gordon Highlanders-Leisure Hours in Camp  
049 Gordon Highlanders-Returning to Camp  
050 Gymastic Exercises in the British Army-Aldershot  
051 A regimental Calisthenic Drill in the British Army  
052 Surf Dashing Against England's Rocky Coast  


053 Military Exercise-Aldershot  
054 Charge of the Lancers  
055 Balloon Ascent-Aldershot  
056 Charge of the Carabineers  
057 English Lancers Jumping Hurdles at Aldershot  
058 Catching Mail Bags-"Her Majesty's Mails  
059 [Conway Castle]  
060 Conway Castle-Panoramic View of Conway on the L. & N. W. Railway  
061 Irish Mail-L & N. W. Railway-Taking up Water at Full Speed  
062 Menai Bridge-The Day Irish Mail From Euston Entering the Tubular Bridge Over the Menai Straits  
063 "Away Aloft"-Portsmouth  
064 General Quarters, H.M.S. "Seaflower"  
065 Three Men in a Boat-English Channel   
066 Tug in a Heavy Sea-English Channel  
067 Companions  
068 Idle Hours of the English Coast Guards-Worthing  
069 Launch of the Worthing Life Boat  
070 The Launch of the Worthing Life Boat  
071 Return  
072 [Worthing Life Boat Being Drawn Through Town With Crew ans Crowds Walking Alongside]  
073 [The "Brighton Queen" Disembarking her Passengers]  
074 [The "Brighton Queen" Steamboat Approaching the Pier, Worthing]  
075 Water Polo-Worthing Swimming Club  
076 [Worthing Seafront with Promenaders]  
077 Derby Day, 1898-The Finish   
 078 Famous Procession of the Corpus Domini   
 079 Neapolitan Dance in the Ancient Forum at Pompeii  
 080 Boys Bathing, Venice   
081 Feeding Pigeons at Sr. Mark's Square, Venice  
082 The Tarantella, an Italian Dance  
083 Funeral Procession of the Misericordia  
084 The Grand Canal, Venice  
085 Panorama of the Grand Canal, Venice: Passing the Fish Market, 6 o'clock in the Morning  
086 Panorama of the Grand Canal, Venice; Passing the Vegetable Market  
087 Panoramic View of Venice-The Prisons, Palace of Doges, and the Royal Palace  
088 Procession of Armenian Monks, INcluding the Abbot-Archbishop  
089 Procession of Capuchin Monks, Rome  
090 Le Grand Prix, 1898  
091 Pope Leo XIII Carried Through the Vatican Loggia on his Return from the Sistine Chapel  
092 Pope Leo XIII Carried Through the Vatican Loggia on his Way to the Sistine Chapel  
093 Pope Leo XIII, in his Carriage, Passing Through the Vatican Gardens With Escort of Noble Guard Commanded by Count Camillo Pecci. His Holiness is Met by His Excellence, Monsignor Della Valpe  
094 Pope Leo XIII, in His Chair, Surrounded by Some of His Courtiers, With Swiss Guard in Rear  
095 Pope Leo XIII, Resting on His Way to His Summer Villa  
096 Pope Leo XIII, Walking at Twilight Through Some Favourite Haunt in the Vatican Gardens  
097 The Vatican Military Guard, Consisting of a Detachment of Noble Guards, Commanded by Count Pecci, Followed by a Palatine Guard of Honour, Swiss Guard, Gendarmes, and Fire Brigade  
098 Hotel on Fire, Paris (Rescue Work by Paris Pompiers)  
099 101st Regiment French Infantry-Paris  
100 Queen Margharita of Italy  
101 The Zola-Rochefort Duel, Paris  
102 Her Majesty the Queen Driving to Laffan's Plain to Review Troops, Aldeshot  
103 Boulter's Lock, Sunday Afternoon  
104 National Fetes: President Faure Arriving at the Grand Stand, Escorted by Cuirasseurs  
105 St. Cyr Military School Passing in Review  
106 4th Brigade Chasseurs Passing the President at the Charge  
107 Elephants at the Zoo  
108 Pelicans at the Zoo  
109 Burglars in the Pantry  
110 A Good Story  
111 He and She  
112 Antarctic Expedition-Sir George Newnes' Fareweel to Officers and Crew  
113 Duel to the Death  
114 Facial Expressions-The Fateful Letter  
115 Has he Hit Me?  
116 He Kissed the Wrong Girl  
117 T. R. Dewer's Coach "Rocket" Passing the Burford Bridge Hotel, Boxhill  
118 Agoust Family of Jugglers  
119 Punt Race on the Thames at Maidenhead  
120 The Coronation of Queen Wilhelmina of Holland at Amsterdam: Arrival of the Queen at the Palace, Amsterdam  
121 The Coronation of Queen Wilhelmina of Holland at Amsterdam: Review of the Netherlands Guards in the Costume of the Middle Ages  
122 The Coronation of Queen Wilhelmina of Holland at Amsterdam: The Royal Procession to the Church Before the Coronation Ceremony  
123 The Coronation of Queen Wilhelmina of Holland at Amsterdam: The Royal Procession From the Church After the Coronation Ceremony  
124 The Coronation of Queen Wilhelmina of Holland at Amsterdam: The Queen and Queen Mother on the Palace Balcony Responding to the Call of the Populace  
125 Bath Scene-Holland  
126 The Boulevard of Scheveningen  
127 Dutch Fishing Boats  
128 Dutch Fishing Fleet Leaving Harrbour  
129 Fencing Contest From the Play "The Three Musketeers"  
130 Return of Grenadier Guards From the Soudan, October 6th 1898, Marching From Waterloo to the Wellington Barracks  
131 The Sirdar-His Embarkation at Calais  
132 The Sirdar-Arrival and Reception by the Mayor and Corporation  
133 From War to Peace-First Departure of S.S. St. Louis From Southampton  
134 Launch of H. M. Battleship "Formidable" at Portsmouth  
135 Through the Chee Tor Tunner in Derbyshire-Midland Railway  
136 Football at Aldershot  
137 London's Traffic at the Mansion House  
138 President Faure Going Shooting  
139 President Faure Shooting Pheasants  
140 H.M.S. Warspite in Action  
141 The Amourous Guardsman  
142 The Black Cat, and the Dinner for Two  
143 Boy and Girl Wearing Adult Clothes in Kitchen Setting  
144 Comic Scene in Dentists Surgery  
145 A Kissing Couple Caught by a Photographer  
146 Man Falls in Bath  
147 No Beggars in the Kitchen  
148 Santa Claus  
149 Two Comedians Dressed as Scottish Soldiers With Cat and Dog  
150 Why Marie Blew out the Light  
151 Why Papa Can't Sleep  
152 Wicked Willie  


153 Launch of the "Oceanic"  
154 Feeding Seagulls of the Irisch Coast  
155 An Irish Peasant Scene-Feeding Pigs  
156 "The Lane" on Sunday Morning  
157 Grand Military Steeplechase at Sandown  
158 Landing of Lord Chas. Beresford From S.S. "St. Louis", at Southampton March 8th  
159 Departure From Folkestone of the Queen  
160 The Lincoln Handicap  
161 Grand National Steeplechase  
162 Crews Leaving the Water  
163 Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race  
164 The Humane Side of Modern Warfare  
165 Lockhart's Performing Elephants  
166 The Landing of Savage South Africa at Southampton  
167 The Marriage of the Earl of Crewe and Lady "Peggy" Primrose at Westminster Abbey  
168 Lord Wolseley Reviewing Scots Greys and Gordon Highlanders at Edinboro  
169 Lord Wolseley Reviewing Scots Greys and Gordon Highlanders at Edinboro  
170 South Wales Express  
171 Windsor Castle From the Great Western Railway  
172 Reception of the Duchess of York at Tenby  
173 Her Majesty the Queen Arriving at South Kensington on the Occasion of the Laying of the Foundation Stone of the Victoria and Albert Museum  
174 Right Hon. Cecil Rhodes in Hyde Park  
175 Wreck of the "Mohican"-Cornwall  
176 Wreck of the S. S. "Paris" -Cornwall  
177 Launch of the Porthonstrock Life-Boat-Corwall  
178 Their Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Connaught Opening the Article Club industrial Exhibition  
179 The Derby  
180 Members Enclosure (Epsom)  
181 The Paddock (Epsom)  
182 Australian Cricket Tourists  
183 Bumping Race (Cambridge May Races)  
184 London Fire Brigade, Alarm  
185 London Fire Brigade Rescue Drill  
186 The Right Hon. Cecil Rhodes and Lord Kitchener After Receiving the Degree of D. C. L. at Oxford  
187 The Prince of Wales at the Aldershot Review  
188 Amann  
189 Amann  
190 Amann, the Great Impersonator  
191 Ritchie, the Tramp Bicyclist  
192 Tapping a Blast Furnace-Newcastle  
193 Her Majesty, Queen Victoria, Reviewing the Horse Artillery-Windsor  
194 Her Majesty, Queen Victoria  
195 Honourable Artillery Company Review, Queen in Carriage  
196 Henley Regatta-After the Race  
197 Henley Regatta-The Race  
198 Review of the Volunteers by H.R.H. the Prince of Wales  
199 Stage Coaches Leaving the Hotel Victoria  
200 Australian Cricket Test Match  
201 International Collegiate Games  
202 International Collegiate Games  
203 International Collegiate Games  
204 International Collegiate Games  
205 International Collegiate Games-Half Mile Run-Queen's Club 22 July 1899  
206 International Sports Queen's Club  
207 International Sports, Queen's Club-Finish of the One Mile  
208 International Sports, Queen's Club-Hurdle Race  
209 Launch of Battleship "Vengeance"  
210 Church Parade, Hyde Park  
211 Coach Meet, Hurlingham  
212 Polo at Hurlingham  
213 Polo-Hurlingham vs. Ranelagh  
214 American Biograph at the Palace  
215 Furness Railway  
216 Man Overboard-English Channel  
217 Panorama of Bowness Landing  
218 Panorama of Lake Windermere  
219 Shamrock Under Sail  
220 Cricket Match at the Oval, August 16th  
221 Admiral Dewey  
222 Admiral Dewey Receiving his Mail  
223 Admiral Dewey's Dog "Bob"  
224 Beautiful Beaulieu  
225 A Dip in the Mediterranean  
226 Harbour of Villefranche  
227 Landing at Villefranche From U.S. Cruiser "Olympia"  
228 Officers of the "Olympia"  
229 The "Sagasta" Admiral Dewey's Pet Pig  
230 The Train to Villefranche  
231 Embarkation of the "Fighting Fifth"  
232 A Scene "King John", Now Playing at Her Majesty's Theatre: The Battlefield Near Angiers  
233 A Scene "King John", Now Playing at Her Majesty's Theatre: The French King's Tent  
234 A Scene "King John", Now Playing at Her Majesty's Theatre: The Last Moment of King John of England in the Orchard of Swinstead Abbey  
235 A Scene "King John", Now Playing at Her Majesty's Theatre: The Little Prince Henry is Accepted by the Barons as John's Successor and Faulconbridge Prophesies a Glorious Future for England  
236 The Earl of Burford Dancing With a Music-Hall Artist  
237 General Buller Leaving the Carlton Club  
238 General Buller at Southampton With Press Representatives  
239 General Buller Embarking at Southampton  
240 Madeira Boys Diving for Pennies, and Boats Crowding in to Get Their Share  
241 Lord Wolseley-Southampton  
242 School of Porpoises  
243 Crossing the Line  
244 General Buller on Deck Gazing at a Passing Vessel  
245 General Sir Redvers Buller Cape Town  
246 Landing of General Buller at Capetown  
247 The "Daily Mail" War Express Leaving Great Central Station, London  
248 New South Wales Lancers  
249 The New South Wales Lancers Marching Up the Quay at Capetown en Route for the Front  
250 Panoramic View of Simonstown Showing HMS "Terrible" and Also "Penelope" Now Used as a Boer Prison Ship  
251 Coaling Scene, Capetown  
252 Panorama of Table Bay  
253 Gordon Highlanders on Board the Transport  
254 "God Save the Queen"-Windsor  
255 Her Majesty Queen Victoria, Reviewing the Household Cavalry at Spital Barracks  
256 Queen Victoria Reviewing Household Cavalry  
257 Hospital Staff En Route for the Front  
258 Landing of Troops From the "Roslin Castle" at Durban  
259 2nd Yorkshire Regiment Embarking at Durban and Proceeding to the Front  
260 Stretcher Bearer's En Route for the Front  
261 Train-Load of Guns En Route for Estcourt  
262 British Armoured Train, Durban  
263 Armoured Train Crossing the Veldt-Estcourt  
264 The Prince of Wales in German Uniform on the Occasion of the Visit of the Emperor William's Visit  
265 Highland Platform After Boer Attack With Wrecked Sage Lying on the Platform  
266 Panorama of Camp Frere  
267 Bridging the Tugela River by Royal Engineers Showing Bridge Destroyed by the Boers  
268 Infantry Picquet in Trenches  
269 Mounted Colonials Returning From a Reconnaissance  
270 With the Ammunition Column-Pietarmaritzburg  
271 Rifle Hill Signal Station Near Frere Camp  
272 Naval Brigade Pitching Tents  
273 Boys of HMS "Terrible" Getting Their Guns into Position  
274 Battle of Colenso: Bombardment of Colenso by 4.7 Guns of HMS "Terrible"  
275 Battle of Colenso  
276 Battle of Colenso  
277 Battle of Colenso  
278 Advancing in Extended Order  
279 Field Marshall Lord Roberts Embarking on the "Dunnottar Castle" At Southampton  
280 Panorama of Camp Frere and Chieveley  
281 Seizing a Kodje Near Spion Fop by Lord Dundonald's Troopers  
282 Christmas Festivities-Tug-of-War With John Bull and Kruger  
283 13th Hussars En Route to a Picket  
284 Fight Between a Tarantula and a Scorpion  
285 Panoramic View of Rome  
286 Au Transvaal: Un armistice, Les blessés anglais amenés au Camp Boer  
287 Le Colonel Kitchener transmettant une dépêche au général Buller, au camp de Chieveley  
288 Le Général Buller visitant le camp de Frere après la bataille  
289 Les Troupes Boers traversant la Modder River et ouvrant le feu  
290 Herbert Campbells as Little Bobbie  
291 Duel Scene  
292 Upside Down Boxers