Ten Minutes at Monte Carlo


Ten Minutes at Monte Carlo

This film has been taken from a motor car which started from the back of the Credit Lyonnais at Monte Carlo and finished at the Place du Palais de Monaco. It shows at first to the spectator a perspective of gardens, having for a background the magnificent Casino, at the angle of which the sea suddenly breaks into view. Immediately a hilly landscape is entered into, the descents and ascents being perfectly felt. On the right can be seen the elegant vision of hotels, villas, and balustrades emerging from the grass; on the left, at intervals, the sea, and in the distance the rock of Monte Carlo dominated by towers from which floats the flag of Monaco. Through this landscape, essentially changing and lively, the Railway Station of Monaco is reached, from which, after attacking a stiff incline and going beneath a row of overhanging trees, we arrive at the Place du Palais, where the troops of the principality are defiling.

AMB 1902-11


1 American Mutoscope & Biograph Company 5307  
2 W. K. L. Dickson
3 < 31/05/1899 435 ft
4 France, Monte-Carlo


01/07/1899 France, Paris Eugène Lauste  le délicieux voyage du littoral méditerranéen